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Here’s a dissenting viewpoint to this morning’s previous post about willpower

Also true!  And worthy of posting on the fridge, and the pantry, and the computer …


Dialing In

Maybe you know this drill pretty well — you’ve got to attend a phone meeting, and on the calendar invite there’s a phone number to dial, followed by a passcode.  If you key in the right passcode, you go to the right meeting.  If you key in the wrong passcode, as I’ve done before, you might go to a real, valid meeting, just not the one you were expecting!

The LEAST effective way to get into your meeing if you don’t know the passcode would be to just randomly start pounding out numbers hoping you’d get the right one.  You likely never would.

Losing a lot of weight is like that.  You know the general idea of where to go, we all do.  Move more, eat less, wait it out, it will come.  But beyond that there’s so many different ways to go that don’t get you to the meeting you want!

  1. The confusing hyper nutritional approach that leaves you spending much of your day logging every micronutrient,
  2. The food as poison approach that causes you to have to buy all your food from the most expensive possible source.
  3. The low carb, or low protein, or low fat approach that leaves you genuinely afraid to eat a whole major category of the foods God has made to sustain and truly nourish you
  4. The hyper willpower approach that sees you on a 100% immediate transformation from what you yesterday saw as good but today see as evil and can never ever touch those entire categories of food again. 

Dig it, there’s nothing essentially wrong with any of these, it’s just that what makes them wrong is that they’re not the right place you were headed toward, and not the ultimate endpoint you were after.  You sacrificed ever getting to the end point by heading in a direction that clearly was not a sustainable part of your future.

Let me encourage you in the strongest possible terms — make your weight loss plan look as much as possible like your ultimate long term maintenance life as possible.   If you don’t plan on running every day, don’t do that to lose weight.  If you don’t plan on never eating some type of food ever again, don’t lose weight that way. Because temporary measures never lead to long term gain. 

What’s your ultimate goal look like?  What does that newly happier you eat? What do they do?  What do they like and dislike?  Spend time figuring that out, then go there!


You may know how this goes already — you have one or ten or twenty false starts on your weight loss, and then suddenly you wake up one morning or walk from one room to the other and you realize you’ve changed, you’re going forward invariably, and this is it for you — your new life has started.

What’s the difference?  Before, you acted from will power.   Mr. Will Power is the most fickle friend in the world.  The first time you hit a major snag, you look around and he’s left you.  Even if there’s been no trouble, he leaves after a few days or weeks of friendship.

He’s just no help at all.

But then you discover Free Will.  This is the knowledge and conviction that you have all you need, between you and God, to actually want to do, and to carry out, the change you want to see in yourself.  There’s a burst of motivation that goes on and on even in the really dark times when it looks like it’s going to take forever, and then you go on.

From there it’s all possible for you. So much so that I’d say, don’t even start trying to lose weight during the Will Power.  Wait, plan, read, study, pray, meditate, plan some more, but wait for the willpower to be replaced by the resolve that comes from complete trust in your plans.