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The Two Words Written on a Subway Order That Brought a Weight-Conscious Customer to Tears | Video |

The Two Words Written on a Subway Order That Brought a Weight-Conscious Customer to Tears | Video |

Large lady doesn’t need to be reminded of it by others.

Let’s leave that as a true statement.

Then let’s turn it around.  When people look at you, what is their first impression?   Is it, big mama?  Huge guy? Or is it, now there’s someone I could ask about nutrition and health and they would know not just from education but from experience.

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Green Coffee Bean Extract Exposed: Another So-Called “Miracle Fat Burner” Makes The Hall of Shame

Make July my month and yours! Not just another...

It shocks me how many people will pop over-the-counter pills blindly without safety even crossing their minds. It’s a common belief that if something makes it onto a health food store shelf or is natural, it must be safe, but in fact, this is part of the naturalistic fallacy. Plants and other naturally-occurring substances can be poisonous. They can also be beneficial or neutral in low doses but harmful in a high dose. Individual tolerance may vary as well, as some people have allergies, take meds or have medical conditions.

via Green Coffee Bean Extract Exposed: Another So-Called “Miracle Fat Burner” Makes The Hall of Shame | Burn The Fat Blog – Tom Venuto..

Fair and balanced viewpoint on miracle diet pills here.

Stick with intake control and output maximization.

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Fitness trackers are no good at counting calories, and other lessons from wearing four at once

For 10 days last month, I strapped on four fitness trackers for every waking hour—all in the name of science. I wore them to brunch. I wore them on my birthday. I wore them when I got sick and spent a full day in bed. For a week and a half, I was quantified—in quadruplicate.

The premise I was testing is fundamental to the idea of fitness trackers, the liveliest sector of the wearable computer market. Fitness trackers are touted as a wellness tool: something that you’ll want to wear all the time, and that will make your life better and healthier. I wanted to see if they were producing data that could actually help me, and just what I could do with that data.

I expected to hate all of them, but I was wrong. I also expected them to all be sorts of useless—and on that count I was right.

via Fitness trackers are no good at counting calories, and other lessons from wearing four at once – Quartz.

Nice, brief side-by-side comparison of all four of these current-generation trackers.  Not always the intuitively best one to review from each company — for example, it’s a known thing the FitBit Flex is skin-irritating to the point of actually being recalled for a cash refund, and if the reviewer was looking for a display instead of bleep-bleep communicating devices, there are other FitBit models that are more like that.  Looks like they went for whatever model was a wrist strap version.

But still, an important comparison.  Step counting results were accurate, apparently; nearly the same on all the devices, and it should be; you can get accurate enough step counts from a $20 pedo or even one of the little doctors’ office giveaway versions.  Or from a smartphone app.

But their estimates of calories burned, while following the same day to day trend, were up and down by 1,000 calories or so — too unreliable to accurately predict weight loss.

Let’s digress from this.  The benefit of a fitness tracker is that it may help you have a desire to spin its little hamster wheel by doing more exercise.  And it comes with software to do intake calorie tracking; if you’re wanting to lose weight, tracking and limiting your intake is job #1.  Having a workable daily plan is #2, and perhaps these devices might help you with that.  Maximizing your output is somewhere down the list.  Beneficial to your can-do attitude, helpful in creating more caloric deficit, though not going to produce any results until you’re actually limiting your intake in a systematic, measured way.

So you might give such a device a try — or wait for the next versions — or use a pedometer — or just mentally count your exercise minutes toward a weekly target.   It depends on your budget and whether you think the presence of the device is motivationally informative.  Not essential.  Not even at all helpful for some.  Somewhat helpful for others.

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Kevin Trudeau is going to Jail

Back in November, TV pitchman, bestselling author and repeat offender Kevin Trudeau was found guilty of criminal contempt after continuing to make fraudulent weight-loss claims in the marketing of his book The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About. Yesterday, they had their final say in the matter, sentencing the fraudster to a decade behind bars.

via Infomercial Shill Kevin Trudeau Sentenced To 10 Years For Repeatedly Defrauding Consumers – Consumerist.

Sure looks like he’s going to be serving time behind bars.

Look, there’s nothing “They Don’t Want You To Know” about weight loss and health.  There’s no secret diet that melts fat overnight.  There’s no There there, as the saying goes.

Hopefully this is the end of the stream of deceptive books and commercials …. we’ll have to see.

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This Calorie-Counting Bracelet Is a Triumph in Lazy Dieting | Betabeat

There are a ton of diets (and diet apps) in the world, and none of them actually work. The only thing that will truly make you lose weight is to eat fewer calories than you burn every day. And to do that, you have to do math. Nobody wants that.

Now there will soon be ….  the magical Healbe GoBe (?!?!) bracelet. It counts the calories you consume and burn by monitoring cellular glucose levels through your skin. All you have to do is show up.

via This Calorie-Counting Bracelet Is a Triumph in Lazy Dieting | Betabeat.

It’s not yet a thing, but it may yet be available by this summer.  Whether it works or not will no doubt be up to interpretation.

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Did ‘Biggest Loser’ champ shed too much weight?

Did 'Biggest Loser' champ shed too much weight?

Did ‘Biggest Loser’ champ shed too much weight?

Please, make it stop.  The show awards a quarter million dollars to the person who loses the largest percentage of their weight.   Period.  There are no constraints on that.  Period.

Her ending weight of 105 pounds is at the bottom of the healthy weight BMI for someone 5′ 3″.  Which happens to be Jillian’s height and she’s taller than Jillian (thank you, Google.  I can’t validate that, you are free to compare and see how they look on TV).

Should there be constraints on that to insure that anyone who gets to thee bottom of their healthy body mass index automatically wins?     I’ support some way of declaring that someone must stop when they reach a particular preset weight, and automatically gets at least a share of the total winnings, but that would make it less of a down-to-the-wire game … and apparently she lost a lot of weight the last week of the contest.

For a cool quarter million, perhaps she work-work-worked and starve-starve-starved the last week.

She looks very thin in the extremities.  She looks like she needs a cheeseburger. And honestly her begining photo looks like she may have tanked up tremendously for her initial weigh-in.   But that’s the way the game is played out on the show.

My main issue with the show is that it leads people to think losing a couple pounds a week for a year is way too slow to lose 100 pounds or so.  Which is too bad, really. Because that’s where most of us are or have been.

Not going to draw conclusions or make specific comments here other than — this is what you get when you reward only on a basis of weight lost over a short period of time.

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Man Loses 392 Pounds After Seeing His Obese Reflection on TV Screen | ABC News Blogs – Yahoo

For Holcomb, 26, the change began five years ago when he was involved in a minor car accident. It got him thinking about his own mortality.\”The next day I [lay] down on my couch and the cable went out, the screen turned black and I was lying there without my shirt and I saw my stomach hanging over the side of the couch, and I broke down and I cried and I promised myself I would change. And from that day onward, I have changed for the better,\” he said.

via Man Loses 392 Pounds After Seeing His Obese Reflection on TV Screen | ABC News Blogs – Yahoo.

Success stories are great motivation.  Now …

Go write your success story in advance.  Seriously.  Write out what a dramatic transformation is going to look like for you.  Then — what do you need to do today to head in that direction?  What needs to happen in the next week, next month?  Keep your sights both on those immediate near term requirements, and also the long range success that’s about to occur for you.