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Walmart Enters The Organic Food Fight With New Affordable Product Line – Consumerist

Organic food is getting a bit of a makeover. Retail giant Walmart is joining forces with a one-time organic food powerhouse to offer the increasingly popular fare at more affordable prices for consumers.Starting this month Walmart and Wild Oats are teaming up to sell a new line of organic food that is at least 25% cheaper than national organic brands, the Associated Press reports.“We are removing the premium associated with organic groceries,” Jack Sinclair, Wal-Mart’s executive vice president of grocery, tells the AP.And that appears to be the case when looking at Walmart-provided comparisons of the new Wild Oats product offerings versus national brands. Wild Oats’ 6-ounce can of tomato paste is priced at $.58, compared to a national brand organic version priced at $.98. A 32-ounce can of Wild Oats’ chicken broth sells for $1.98, while a national organic brand sells their product at $3.47.

via Walmart Enters The Organic Food Fight With New Affordable Product Line – Consumerist.

This looks like a GREAT THING.  Be watching.  Would you use organic if it cost almost the same as conventional?  Wow.

And it’s a great sign that there’s extreme Walmart customer interest in organic. That’s heartland sentiment, not Whole Foods shoppers.

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Fruit Punch Oreos Exist, Are Available At Walmart – Consumerist

Junk Food Guy got hold of some, taking pictures to prove that they’re real and tasting them so the rest of us don’t have to. His verdict? The fruit punch flavor is powerful, sometimes veering into “cherry cough syrup territory.”

Like fruit punch, the creme is based on high fructose corn syrup, “natural and artificial flavors,” citric acid, and red food dye. We do not know whether those “natural flavors” include any fruit, but it seems unlikely.

via Fruit Punch Oreos Exist, Are Available At Walmart – Consumerist.

Erm … gross.

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Walmart Corporate – Walmart Launches Fresh Produce Guarantee in U.S. Stores

Were listening to our customers and delivering on our promise to offer great produce at the most affordable price,” said Jack Sinclair, executive vice president of the food business for Walmart U.S. “We are so sure our customers will be pleased with the fruits and vegetables they buy in our stores, they can receive a full refund if they arent completely happy.”The retailers initiative includes:Delivering produce from farms to store shelves faster by purchasing fruits and vegetables directly from growers and leveraging Walmarts produce experts, distribution centers and trucking systems;Executing independent weekly checks in its more than 3,400 Supercenters, Neighborhood Markets and Express Stores that sell produce; and,Launching Fresh Produce Schools and other expanded training programs to 70,000 associates.

via Walmart Corporate – Walmart Launches Fresh Produce Guarantee in U.S. Stores.

Breaking news — Wal*Mart to sell produce that doesn’t suck.  This would be a major big deal for them.  They know that one of the main reasons people choose not to shop there is that they have to go somewhere else to get produce that’s fresh.

So … they’re making a major commitment to teaching their associates what fresh produce looks like  (I am not making this up, and I am not trying to be mean).  They’re also going to direct-ship from harvest houses to stores, to save a day or more getting to and from regional distribution centers.

Interestingly enough, actual food does not fit the Wal*Mart distribution model.  It goes bad, and it can’t be shipped around like a bunch of car tires.

We remain a little skeptical.  Part of the new plan is that produce will have to be field-labeled with very specific labeling implying a pretty good degree of IT sophistication, which will make it even less likely that your produce came from a family farm. We’re also not sure how this initiative matches up with Wal*Mart’s previous statement that they’re going to move toward buying locally, sustainably, and selling heritage varieties of produce.  All that is yet to be seen.

And we’re not sure how the money-back guarantee actually w0rks.  What is known is that you can take your receipt back, without the underlying no-longer-good produce, and get your money back.  We’ve not seen any mention of whether you have a certain number of days to make the claim, which really should vary by what you’ve bought, to be fair.

Overall — it’s a good effort.  Theoretically.  We’ll have to wait and see if it’s mostly marketing fluff or if their produce aisle starts to actually be a bountiful farmers market of infinite variety of really fresh food.

Marketing to people who buy fresh produce at the grocery

Not surprising but important.   People who buy fresh foods  are going to spend more on other particular types of groceries — particularly other kinds of fresh foods.

Look for grocery stores to really heat it up in terms of the quantity and quality of fresh items for sale as they try to keep you, the more nutrition oriented shopper, in their store.  For a long time groceries have catered to the people who shop mostly the middle, processed food aisles.  The processed sugar aisle, the salt aisle, those places are becoming less of a factor.

Does it cost more to buy real food?   Yes, but it costs less too, because you won’t be needing anything from those other areas of the store.

Forget the excuse-making

I Used to Be Fat




Having heard what I thought was all the excuses for falling off the weight loss bandwagon, I found this morning I’ve got to add one more to the ever expanding list.

  • I had a bad week
  • I had a good week
  • I went to a party
  • I stayed at home by myself
  • I was happy
  • I was sad
  • My dog died
  • My cat died
  • on and on … till now this:
  • I lost the piece of paper it was written on.

Know what the best response to this continual excuse-making would be?

Oh, OK. Well, just stay fat then.

I mean, really.  It’s not skin off my teeth if you forever choose to stay like you are.  You want to stay the way you are now, knowing it will likely end in your tooling around WalMart in a mobility scooter buying your two shopping carts full of cheesy poofs, OK then.

I wouldn’t actually say that out loud, I wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings, but, I’m wondering, why not.