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Have a Polymeal

Ever heard of eating polymeals?  This one was new to me on my last visit to the doctor’s.  He’s all for it and pretty much wrote me a prescription, as a man over 50, for this way of eating.  Here’s the deal …

…combining seven food components (dark chocolate, wine, fruits, vegetables, garlic, almonds, and fish) significantly increases the life expectancy of people over age 50 and reduces heart events by more than two-thirds.
Excluding any ingredients caused a slight decline in the overall heart protection benefits. However omitting wine reduced the meal’s beneficial impact the most — by 10%.
The recipe for heart success has the biggest impact on men. Men who dine on the Polymeal program every day increase their total life expectancy by more than six and a half years compared with men not on the Polymeal. They also were able to prevent the onset of heart disease for nine years.
Women eating the Polymeal would live about five years longer than women not eating it. They keep heart disease at bay for eight years.

Note that the link is from a totally respectable web site, not some kooky blog 🙂  It’s for real.  Eating a diet high in those seven ingredients is associated with much longer lifespans for people over 50.

That can all be one meal, or over the course of the day eating dark chocolate, wine, fruits, vegetables, garlic, almonds, and fish.  

Leaving out any one part lowers its effectiveness.  However, do not begin drinking alcohol if you do not already drink alcohol.  One in ten people who starts drinking, will not be able to control it and will become an alcoholic.  For women especially, there is an increase in the number of strokes in drinkers vs. non-drinkers.   Since I have a family history of people not being able to moderate their drinking, what I personally do is substitute some other whole grape product; either grape juice with the skins included in the juice, or raw grapes, personally.



How do I eat more vegetables if I don’t like vegetables?

Love the photo at left.  Can you relate?  To me, vegetables were  not food.  Veggies are the food that food eats, I used to say.

The cow eats the grass, I eat the cow.

That’s actually pretty useful for extracting the mineral content of food, which is passed along through the meat of the cow (think Iron as an example), but that doesn’t work for the water soluble vitamins you need more of than you think.  Not to mention all the other thousands of compounds designed into edible plants, many of which we don’t even have names for but some unknown number of them have the ability to make real plants much more effective sources of vitamins than vitamin tablets.

So how do I eat them if I don’t like the taste?  First try cooking them instead of eating them raw.  Then try eating them raw coated with a little of something you find palatable.  Try putting them in food … our kids learned to eat peas because they could not easily separate them from meat loaf if they were mashed up.  Hey, whatever it takes.

If you can only find a few veggies you can stand the taste of, eat those.  In addition, since people seem to like fruits pretty universally, eat fruit whenever you can.

If you have to hide plants in other foods, or just eat very small servings masked by something you like, that’s a really good start!

Motivating yourself to eat well while losing weight

You’re doing the best you can to healthy up your weight.  Trying everything to get it right this time.  Good for you!  Make sure this summer not to fall prey to eating mostly lean-in-a-box meals or other premade diet foods.  Really go all  out to expand your horizons:

1. Fire up the grill.  This would be a great time to buy a great grill.  It’s an instant flavor enhancer.

2. Take a cooking class or surf around on YouTube.  Learn to enjoy using a knife well.  Learn all the ways to cook an egg.  Learn to make your own version of something you’d otherwise buy.

3. Fresh, fresh, fresh in the summer.  See if you can eat vegetables that were picked this week, even.

4.  Practice grace toward yourself.  Allow yourself the gentle freedom to start over without the encumbrances of past failures tied around your neck.  Take a fresh start on everything you need to.

How did Kate Middleton lose so much weight?

Reportedly, the Middleton ladies are big fans of the Dukan Diet.  Handy little summary at the link.  There’s probably enough there to avoid having to pay $12.99 for the book.

I have to say, she looked marvelous, and so did her sister Pippa.  Prompting Glenn Beck’s crew to make an immediate call for More, More Pippa.

Actually if you are healthy as a horse, only have about 10-20 pounds to lose and want to shed water weight really quickly, this would be an interesting way to lose it.  It’s all protein, no carb, no fat, for 3-10 days, followed by an alternating series of vegetables-ok days and vegetables-not-ok days.  The reason weight sheds pretty quickly is that carbohydrates bind up the water you consume in your food and via drinking liquids, and when there’s no carbs there’s rapid dehydration.  8 pounds per gallon, so you can dump about 8 pounds in a week.  Soon as you go back to regular food you rehydrate and the weight comes back.

What’s most interesting about this plan is that it’s advertised as an Atkins-like all-you-can-eat, no calorie counting plan, but the meal plans it gives you are extremely low in calories.  Let me guess, about 900/day.  So the remaining reason you’re losing weight is that you’ve got a very large caloric deficit.

What’s second-most interesting is that the plan does a much better job than Atkins (which does not restrict fat), and South Beach (which decreases fat intake) … the difference isn’t in the approach to fat but the approach to after-diet care.  It does a nice job in its maintenance phase of teaching restricted but healthy eating.

Which begs the question:  if the goal after the first few weeks is restricted, healthy eating, why not just start there from the beginning instead of going for a quick, temporary loss up front?

So, the overall assessment:  just because something is pushed by a doctor doesn’t make it an utterly realistic plan.  If you do decide to go all-protein for a very short time, drink large amounts of fluids and note that this diet does give you some oat bran to keep you from going into Atkins Potty Straining mode.  Trust me, been there, done that, it’s horrible.  Do go to the vegetables-ok plan right away, even from the beginning.  God made them tasty on purpose, so you’d eat them and get the good stuff.