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Fruits and vegetables are good for your heart: Dr. Gourmet’s Health and Nutrition Bites

So the larger question remains: does eating fruits and vegetables that are high in flavonoids affect those clinical precursors to heart disease? Or even more simply, can eating fruits and vegetables directly affect your risk of heart disease?

It would appear so …

via Fruits and vegetables are good for your heart: Dr. Gourmet’s Health and Nutrition Bites.

We love this particular mailing list, produced by a chef who is a physician — how cool is that — it’s always full of information, especially if have a particular diet because of a medical issue, or a concern, or a potential drug interaction with food.


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Does Juicing Have Any Real Health Benefits?

Does Juicing Have Any Real Health Benefits?.

Nice article at the link above.





What we do know:  if you had something inside that was stuck and needed to be cleansed out, you’d likely be demanding some medical attention right away.  It’s not a stealth issue.

Also we know eating vegetables and fruits is good.

What we don’t know:  everything else about juicing.   We don’t have a comparison of the benefits of kale juice vs, eating kale, and we don’t know what happens to kale juice in your fridge vs what happens to kale.   I’m using kale as an example since personally I’d rather drink it than eat it.


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Pesticides in produce: why seasonal, organic matters | PCC Natural Markets

American fruit and vegetable farmers have made impressive progress in reducing reliance on high-risk pesticides since passage of the Food Quality Protection Act FQPA in 1996. Average pesticide dietary risks in conventional apples grown in Washington have fallen 10-fold since 1996, based on the pesticide residue data collected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s USDA Pesticide Data Program PDP.Much less impressive reductions have been achieved by fruit and vegetable farmers abroad. For some imported foods, risks actually have increased in recent years.

via Pesticides in produce: why seasonal, organic matters | PCC Natural Markets.

It’s Chilean fruit season. Right now, if you see fresh fruit, chances are, it’s from there, where the seasons are cooperative with, for example, fresh grapes in March.

It’s also safe to say that imported fruit is going to have more pesticides.  If you want fresh, and can only find imported, you may seriously want to look at organic for right now.

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Eat some vegetables

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One of our most popular questions is “do I have to eat vegetables to be healthy?”

Pretty much, yes.  You could try a really comprehensive supplementation routine but it’s going to be very expensive.  Not to mention there’s more and more evidence that supplementation with nutrients does not actually produce a health effect, with the limited and obvious exception of if you’ve got scurvy or rickets or some other directly attributable single nutrient shortage effect.

You can do it with vegetable juice if you must, but it’s going to be a caloric issue for weight loss, since you’re removing the fiber which gets you full and leaving just the juice which does not.  The calories get concentrated but the fullness gets vastly diminished.

It’s better, if you really don’t like vegetables, to  learn to tolerate vegetable soup, and make sure to make it yourself so you can control the sodium and make sure you’re getting a variety of green, yellow, and red vegetables so you’ll know you’re getting a good variety of nutrients.

Or perhaps you can tolerate a tossed salad with low calorie dressing.

Or perhaps you can just man up and eat your vegetables and not go on expecting all your food to taste like Twinkies.



What is the best vegetable for me to eat?

A cook sautees onions and peppers.

The best vegetables are THE ONES YOU WILL EAT.

Having said that …

Potatoes and corn are, technically, starches even though they come from  are plants.  So you could eat too many of those.   Otherwise, it’s hard to imagine over-consuming vegetables or getting too many calories from vegetables.

Green is good.

A variety of colors signals a variety of nutrients, to some degree.

Cooked is not necessarily worse than raw.  Light cooking can increase the bio-availability of the nutrients you’re eating.


Eat the ones you will eat.

Should I object to my friends’ doing Paleo?

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Just to recap, Paleo eating is basically:

1. No grains

2. No dairy

3. Heavy on fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.

4. Exercise like real work.


So let’s take the health issues raised by each, individually.


4.  That’s great!

3. That’s super!

2.  No problem!  Most of the world’s adult population is lactose intolerant.  We’re the only mammal which drinks milk after childhood.  There are substitutes.  The plants will help with the vitamin A and sunshine will help with the vitamin D.

1.  The grains thing is the only point of contention you’re likely to find.   You need fiber.  Whole grains have fiber.  So do green vegetables.  You need B vitamins.  So do vegetables.

What we’d suggest for anyone doing Paleo diet is to supplement with a natural multivitamin, and consider supplemental fiber especially if they’re having BM issues.   The average American is so long on protein and carbs and so short on fiber already, it’s a reasonable practice for anybody.

So in short, there’s not a big reason to object to Paleo.   YMMV but I find it to be a completely acceptable and even beneficial approach.


CSPI pretty happy that Taco Bell Agrees to Pull Ad About Veggies

Taco Bell

“We are delighted that Taco Bell is pulling an ad that urged people not to bring veggie trays to their Super Bowl parties, but to instead bring 12-packs of Taco Bell’s tacos,” the Center for Science in the Public said in a statement“Thanks to Taco Bell for responding with record speed to address nutritionists’ and consumers’ concern over this ad campaign,” the group said.

via Taco Bell Agrees to Pull Ad After Group Complains It Sends Wrong Message About Veggies | Video |

The add suggested that only social misfits would bring a veggie tray to a Super Bowl party.   Whatever.  Taco Bell’s add countered that people would rather have tacos.  Well, yes, that may be preferable to people who consistantly cram food into their mouths for its right-taste rather than for what it will do for them long term

But we have to point out:

1.  This is another great example of how to use Twitter to quickly bring attention to an issue.  File that away, you may be able to use that idea later.

2.  Have you  ever gotten Taco Bell tacos to go?  Either you eat them right then, there, or you’re taking a pile of wet, cold, no-longer-crunchy things to the party.

We realize it’s just an ad, made to be comical while making you hungry for some tacos, which realistically you’re not going to leave the TV to get some tacos and then come back to your party.   The point is, to have a good time, eat this not that,  and nutritionists were right to point it out that way.

Here’s a good rule of thumb to bring instant clarity to your food decisions.  Every food you eat, either will help you live longer and feel better, or help you die sooner and feel worse.  Now go choose.