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Green Coffee Bean Extract Exposed: Another So-Called “Miracle Fat Burner” Makes The Hall of Shame

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It shocks me how many people will pop over-the-counter pills blindly without safety even crossing their minds. It’s a common belief that if something makes it onto a health food store shelf or is natural, it must be safe, but in fact, this is part of the naturalistic fallacy. Plants and other naturally-occurring substances can be poisonous. They can also be beneficial or neutral in low doses but harmful in a high dose. Individual tolerance may vary as well, as some people have allergies, take meds or have medical conditions.

via Green Coffee Bean Extract Exposed: Another So-Called “Miracle Fat Burner” Makes The Hall of Shame | Burn The Fat Blog – Tom Venuto..

Fair and balanced viewpoint on miracle diet pills here.

Stick with intake control and output maximization.

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Salemville Blue Cheese

A lot of products use the word “Amish” in them and often their ties to the church and culture are tenuous at best.  I had seen Salemville Amish Blue Cheese in the grocery stores before but never thought much about it, assuming it was just another corporate complex someplace that had slapped “Amish’ on the label.  But as I was planning writing Amish Cooks Across America and the different stops we’d make, I discovered online chatter about a cheese factory in rural Wisconsin that really is connected strongly to the Amish.Nowhere have the Amish found their dairy niche more than around the community of Cambria where the Salemville Cheese factory makes deliciously crafted cheese. The Salemville Cheese Co-op is the only entirely Old Order Amish-run cheese factory in the United States.  The company is owned by Saputo, a large international conglomerate based in M0ntreal.  But you wouldn’t know it from the unassuming, low-slung building on non-descript country road outside of Cambria, Wisconsin.  The “suits” generally stay out of the operation and let the Amish make the cheese as they have for generations.The first hint that the Salemville plant was different was the employee parking lot, which didn’t have any cars, just horse-drawn buggies. Adding to the factory’s “plain” presence was the small on-site retail store, which sells a variety of cheeses and was staffed solely by Amish workers.

via Salemville Blue Cheese | Amish Recipes Oasis Newsfeatures.

If you get a chance to help these folks out by purchasing some of their REALLY DELICIOUS cheese — definitely consider it.   You’re getting a real product, you’re helping them, and you’re helping the Amish farmers they buy milk from.

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Colonoscopy Fun: FDA Approves Tiny Camera That Travels Your Digestive Tract Taking Selfies —

via Colonoscopy Fun: FDA Approves Tiny Camera That Travels Your Digestive Tract Taking Selfies —

You won’t be able to just get this instead of the big hose scope cam, unless you have a reason the regular exam wouldn’t go well.  Other than your own fear of course.

Take my word for it, the prep for the regular exam is not as difficult as you might imagine, and if you’re wanting a ‘colon cleanse’, the prep is that.  The whole experience of the full exam is not that bad  .  This handy cam will be great for people who can’t do the regular exam safely.  But for the rest of us, if you’re going to do the prep, that’s the big difficulty, so go ahead and get the full exam while you’re cleaned out.

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FDA wants to ban trans fats from food, citing health concerns – NBC

The Food and Drug Administration has declared war on trans fats. The government agency said Thursday it would require food makers to gradually phase out artificial trans fats — the artery-clogging ingredient found in crackers, cookies, pizza and many other baked goods.The change could potentially prevent 20,000 heart attacks a year and 7,000 deaths, said FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg.While the amount of trans fats consumed by Americans has dropped dramatically over the last decade, they still “remain an area of significant public health concern,” Hamburg said during a press conference Thursday. The FDA hasn’t yet set a time table for sweeping trans fats from the market. “We want to do it in a way that doesn’t unduly disrupt markets,” said Michael Taylor, FDA’s deputy commissioner for foods. Still, the “industry has demonstrated that it is by and large feasible to do.”Trans fats are considered harmful because they increase risks for heart disease by both raising bad cholesterol levels LDL and lowering good cholesterol HDL.

via FDA wants to ban trans fats from food, citing health concerns – NBC

Good news.  Of course you’ll note that this is just a statement of intent and there is no actual proposed end date.  So it’s not going to actually DO anything.

Exercise links happiness and lower mortality in CVD |

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“Because positive affect is related to exercise, interventions aimed at positive-affect induction in combination with exercise promotion may induce better outcomes for patients, both in terms of increasing the likelihood of the accomplishment and maintenance of a healthy exercise pattern and in terms of better psychological functioning, than interventions focusing on the promotion of exercise alone,” conclude the researchers.”

via Exercise links happiness and lower mortality in CVD |

Well put!  Definitely exercise helps you feel better.  Feeling better actually reduces your 5 year all-cause mortality — your likelihood of getting dead in the next 5 years.  Feeling positive about life is a huge benefit.  Move some today, so you can move some more tomorrow.

What makes muscles grow?

English: Pulldown exercise, which strengthens ...

It’s a specific adaptation to an imposed stress.   You consistently work a muscle to at/near the point of failure, and as it rebuilds itself, additional muscle is put there to help you out, to keep that spot from getting stressed out so much next time.

So  how do you use this to your advantage?  Do strength training, of some sort, every other day or so.  And/or lift heavy things often in the course of your life.  Or simulate a heavy lifting life by lifting real things in an exercise session which requires a lot of different kinds of movements and muscles to get the job done.  Even if you have to reduce your amount of cardio to get the strength training in, that’ s OK.

You lose 10% of your muscle mass per decade of life if you don’t do things that require that strength.  IF you don’t use your muscles, they go away.  If you do use them, they grow.

How to Make an American Flag Cake for the 4th of July

If youre looking for something patriotic, or enjoy putting together puzzles out of cake, heres a project to take to your 4th of July cookout or cook in, as the weather may dictate for some. Its a cake you make that, when assembled, makes each piece into an American flag. Perhaps its a little gimmicky, but its pretty cool when you see the entire thing come together.

via How to Make an American Flag Cake for the 4th of July.

Yes,  you can have cake when you’re on a diet.

No, you cannot have all the cake you want.

Later on, you can, because by then, what you want will have changed to coincide more directly with what you need.