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Why does my weight go up and down?

weight loss tracker week 5

Thanks for the question … if you mean, from hour to hour, don’t weigh that often, it’s just noise.  Your weight fluctuates with your hydration and digestive contents too much to make much use of that data.

If you mean from day to day, your weight loss will be spiky up and down, not a smooth curve, it just is.

If you mean from week to week for several weeks, check your compliance to your program.   And if you have no program, there’s your problem, pick some plan and go for it for 2-3 months minimum.

Losing weight is going to take some time.  Stay right with your program, eat the right amount of the right kinds of foods, and move your body as best you’re able to, and you’ll have good results.


What weight loss expert do you follow?

Well now here’s a telling question.  Actually, most of the people I know who have lost weight, have lost and regained weight SEVERAL times, often a total of more than their current weight.  Thus very often you are ALREADY the world’s leading expert on how you lose weight.

Obviously you already know how to lose weight.  Don’t eat so much.  Be active.

It’s not about losing weight.  It’s about losing weight and never finding it again.

Much more to come on this topic.


What does it mean when I keep going off my diet?

English: Typical Atkins diet meal

Let’s break this one down to its two obvious extremes.  You on a Diet, You off a Diet.   The only two commonalities are You, and The Diet.


SO …

Either the diet is not you, or the diet IS you, but you are not the You you intend to be, yet.

Either the diet is next to impossible for you to keep up with — in which case,  you can change it.

Or You are not yet up to the point of really wanting to stick with it long enough to get where you want to go.  You want to go there, you just don’t want it enough to sacrifice short term comfort to get long term gain.  Yet.  Maybe you will later.  Hope so.  Till you want it enough to stay with the process, you may as well not start the process.

Will a paleo diet help me lose weight faster?

Disclaimer:  I am personally having a good deal of success with this type of food plan.

Answer:  You will have success on this, or any food plan, to the extent to which you commit to the required changes.

You don’t have to be 100% with your commitment, but you have to have enough commitment that you zoom your life in on accomplishing your weight loss goal, if you want to lose weight.  Paleo living (real-world exercise combined with eating very few starches or refined carbohydrates)  was actually the first modern formally proposed food plan, since the late 1800’s.  Generations of people lost weight by skipping the breads and the desserts for awhile before this plan became popular and more codified.

But it’s just a plan.  It’s not weight loss.  Weight loss happens when you follow through with the commitments you’ve made to yourself.  Lifelong weight loss comes from working your plan into your lifestyle.

What’s your success story?

First Person Bike Cycling on Road Video

Whenever you’re trying to lose weight, break a bad habit, start a good habit, or change in any meaningful way, it’s not an easy thing.  It’s not like learning to brush a physical skill, where you’ve just got to repeat something enough times to make it somewhat of a foregone conclusion that you’ll continue to do it that way.

Everyone succeeds via slightly different means.  If you want to know how you will succeed, think back to a time you succeeded before and think through how you succeeded then.  For me it was clearing the decks; dumping many pounds of junk food out of the fridge, buying a new road bike I could not affford, and coming out in public with my goal of losing 100 pounds and then riding my bike 100 miles in a day and still being able to come back the next day.  Actually as it worked out, the bike ride was the easy part, but the weight loss happened the same way, immersing myself totally in a sink or swim environment.  If you ride 50 miles away from home, you have to get back.  If you have nothing else available to eat, you’ll eat your food plan.

Start from your biggest success you already look back on happily.  How did you do it, what kind of dedication did it take, what did you have to stop doing, start doing, or continue doing.  How can you apply that to your next success?  Give it a go!