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Question: Can I eat more if I’m doing a 5K every day?

5K race from 2005

There’s different intensities at which to do a 5K. If you’re walking hand-in-hand with a toddler, yeah, probably not going to burn it up out there enough to eat at the athletes’ training table.

But if you’re doing your 5K at a sprint, it is an athletic workout for sure. An even more difficult way, one to try, is a Tabeta run — requires a very high level of fitness — you’d for example run for 15 seconds at a pace faster than you ever thought you could run, then back it down to a sustainable running pace for a bit, then back to the super fast run, over and over. Talk to your doctor first of course.

You can see — the intensity of the exercise increases the caloric expenditure hugely. Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Mode are the factors to use. What I personally do is go basically from how killed I feel when I finish. If I can barely climb the stairs or it hurts to comb my hair  I add a protein serving. Lean protein is quite low in calories, 4 calories per gram of protein, so you’re not going to kill your eating plan. And it helps with your ability to bounce back the next day and do it again.


How to choose the perfect athletic shoe for any activity

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Is It Better to Walk or Run?

…new science shows that walking can be at least as valuable as running — and in some instances, more so. A study published this month that again plumbed data from the Runners and Walkers Health Study found that both runners and walkers had equally diminished risks of developing age-related cataracts compared to sedentary people, an unexpected but excellent benefit of exercise.And in perhaps the most comforting of the new studies, published last month in Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology and again using numbers from the versatile Runners and Walkers Health Study, runners had far less risk of high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol profiles, diabetes and heart disease than their sedentary peers. But the walkers were doing even better. Runners, for instance, reduced their risk of heart disease by about 4.5 percent if they ran an hour a day. Walkers who expended the same amount of energy per day reduced their risk of heart disease by more than 9 percent.

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Do check out the whole article, it’s well worth your time.  By some measures of health, running is much more indicative of overall physical success than walking.  Though that may be because the most-healthy people can run.  But overall, walking has huge benefits even considering you’re expending fewer calories per hour.

Faster, stronger, longer: Olympians live longer than the rest of us –

via Faster, stronger, longer: Olympians live longer than the rest of us –

Definitely don’t just exercise to be grinding out some calories. Exercise ideally as part of your training for whatever it is you want to do next.   Running a marathon or walking up that huge flight of stairs or being able to walk to the mailbox … whatever it is, train for it with all your heart.  It gives your exercise, and the rest of your routine, purpose and direction.