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Leucine May Be Key to High-Protein Weight Loss Diet

Though all the women lost about 16 pounds each, those in the higher-protein group lost more body fat and retained more lean muscle than those the high-carb group. “However, when we did a follow-up four months later, we found the higher-protein group continued to lose weight while the high-carb group had plateaued and lost no additional weight,” says Layman.

via Leucine May Be Key to High-Protein Weight Loss Diet.

Q: Should I supplement with L-Leucine to help me lose weight?

A:  Yes.  Read on.

Leucine is found (a) alone, as a supplement, (b) with the other branch chain amino acids, as a supplement, and (c) in meat, fish, and dairy foods.

By itself, it has little effect and may actually hinder weight los, slightly, temporarily.  That’s because God made you to eat food, not chemically reduced components of food.

But as part of a diet program where you’re limiting overall calories to less than you need to stay big, combined with making sure that a significant percentage of those calories comes from protein, you’re going to be fine on the leucine and total BCAA intake.  And the protein intake will help you not cannibalize your muscle tissue as much as if you were eating a higher carbohydrate low calorie diet.

Add a third component — daily exercise in the amount and types you can do every day without causing issues — and you immediately put yourself in the situation of being statistically in the most likely success group for permanent weight loss.


Super easy protein pancake recipe

1 scoop of protein powder (chocolate, or vanilla, or …)
2 eggs
A fruit if your choice (banana and blueberries work really well)


Start by mashing the fruit you want to use in a mixing bowl, then add two beaten eggs, mix in well and then add the scoop of protein powder and mix that in.

Spray your pan with non stick cooking spray and cook away! Makes 3.


Lara Bars overall review

Yes!  Two thumbs up.   If I had ten thumbs, they’d all be up.

They’re made from minimal ingredients, all of which are either fruits, nuts, there’s no added dairy/soy, some have spices and a couple have chocolate chips without added dairy/soy. That’s it.  That’s all.

Cashew cookie is dates and cashew’s.  That’s all.  The dates are both the sweetener and the binder.

Carrot cake is the fruits and nuts you’d put in carrot cake, with dates as both the sweetener and binder.

Peanut butter is peanuts and dates and a minimal amount of salt.   PB&J gets cherries on top of that.  PB Chocolate gets some chips.

You get the idea by now.

That’s all there is. They’re not cooked or processed other than making them into small enough bits to fit together, then pressing them into a bar shape.  They taste great.  They fill you up.  They can go in the freezer, they can heat up, they won’t melt in your pocket on a long hike in the summer, they won’t get rock hard in your snow jacket. Everything in these, you can buy in bulk, unmodified, right in your grocery.  No weird. Just good.

$1.25 each on Amazon Subscribe and Save.  $1.40 or so retail.  You can find copycat recipes online, but honestly I like these people’s style and I like the convenience of having them packaged in shelf stable form already.

You may be saying, but wait, I eat a bar to get more protein. Here it comes, are you ready for it?  Stop trying to get your protein from a bar. It costs a fortune, and you’re likely far over your usable daily intake of protein anyway.  Even for weight lifters and fitness competitors.  If you follow us here, you’ll know our frequently stated rule of thumb: supplement with food, not products.  It works much better and costs much less.  And especially in this case, it tastes a lot better!



Daily protein requirement

Lots has been said about how much more protein you need than you’re getting — partially because protein powders are cheap to make and have a huge profit margin because we’re content to pay $15 for a bottle of powder representing less of the same whey protein you’d get from a couple big tubs of cottage cheese.

Here’s the daily reference intake for protein and pretty much everything else.  Protein is listed in grams per kilogram of body weight, for different classes of people.  You can add a bit but it’s not going to turn you into a muscle-bound hero of the weight room.

Pretty often you’ll see recommendations for two to five times that amount.  Basically more than a whole family would consume in a day in most parts of the world.   And they’re healthier than us here.  Going all out with protein supplementation will give you very expensive protein-packed urine; use that money for something else.  At really high levels it can lead to kidney damage.

Latin style protein shakes

If you like protein shakes but are pretty tired of all your mix-ins, stop at a Latin / Hispanic store, hit the frozen section and grab a variety of frozen pulp in bags.

Mix with vanilla protein powder, adding yogurt if you plan allows for it. Plus whatever sweetener you prefer if it’s not sweet enough already. Blend it to creamy shake oblivion.

Today is tamarind for me. Beyond awesome.

Dialing In

Maybe you know this drill pretty well — you’ve got to attend a phone meeting, and on the calendar invite there’s a phone number to dial, followed by a passcode.  If you key in the right passcode, you go to the right meeting.  If you key in the wrong passcode, as I’ve done before, you might go to a real, valid meeting, just not the one you were expecting!

The LEAST effective way to get into your meeing if you don’t know the passcode would be to just randomly start pounding out numbers hoping you’d get the right one.  You likely never would.

Losing a lot of weight is like that.  You know the general idea of where to go, we all do.  Move more, eat less, wait it out, it will come.  But beyond that there’s so many different ways to go that don’t get you to the meeting you want!

  1. The confusing hyper nutritional approach that leaves you spending much of your day logging every micronutrient,
  2. The food as poison approach that causes you to have to buy all your food from the most expensive possible source.
  3. The low carb, or low protein, or low fat approach that leaves you genuinely afraid to eat a whole major category of the foods God has made to sustain and truly nourish you
  4. The hyper willpower approach that sees you on a 100% immediate transformation from what you yesterday saw as good but today see as evil and can never ever touch those entire categories of food again. 

Dig it, there’s nothing essentially wrong with any of these, it’s just that what makes them wrong is that they’re not the right place you were headed toward, and not the ultimate endpoint you were after.  You sacrificed ever getting to the end point by heading in a direction that clearly was not a sustainable part of your future.

Let me encourage you in the strongest possible terms — make your weight loss plan look as much as possible like your ultimate long term maintenance life as possible.   If you don’t plan on running every day, don’t do that to lose weight.  If you don’t plan on never eating some type of food ever again, don’t lose weight that way. Because temporary measures never lead to long term gain. 

What’s your ultimate goal look like?  What does that newly happier you eat? What do they do?  What do they like and dislike?  Spend time figuring that out, then go there!