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Private pizza: Military meal that lasts three years almost ready | Fox News

Private pizza: Military meal that lasts three years almost ready |Fox News.

Look, I hugely appreciate these men and women hanging it out there every day for us.  Anything we can do to make it just a little more tolerable for them, let’s do.

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Grilled Pizza With Grilled Red Onions and Feta

Grilled Pizza With Grilled Red Onions and Feta –

Here’s a really great one-recipe combination of several things we like to do on the grill.  Pizza and grilled vegetables together.  Go for it.

10 million pounds of frozen snacks recalled

Three million pounds of e coli laden frozen junk food may still be on its way to, or on display in, your grocery store.

10 million pounds of frozen pizza, snacks recalled in rare E. coli outbreak – Vitals.

Should I blot my pizza to reduce its calories?

In answer to a question …  Yes you definitely can, but it’s really difficult to know how many calories you’re saving.  That liquid you’re removing may just be moisture from the cooking process, and if it’s indeed oil, it’s not possible to easily determine how many calories you’re removing.

To remove 150 calories per slice in a much more sure way, and improve the overall healthfulness of your pizza, just skip the meat entirely.

If you’re making pizza for yourself, you’ve got additional options; you can make the pizza more authentically Italian by foregoing much of the cheese and going for a thinner crust which will bubble up in a really tasty way.  Yes it does take more time and effort than just picking up the phone, but that’s part of the deal, you do want to shift your emphasis toward spending more time making real food.

Pizza on the Grill! Eating well on a diet

We’ve blogged on this topic before but  I’ve recently been on a streak of these.

Some ideas:

Feta cheese, chopped fresh asparagus and spinach.

Onion, bacon and white sauce (if you microwave bacon in folds of paper towel until it’s crisp, most of the fat stays in the paper towel).

Fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, and roma or sun dried tomatoes.  You can call that one a bruschetta pizza.  Speaking of which, a classic actual real live Italian lunch is a slice of tomato, some fresh mozzarella, and a basil leaf.  If it sounds like too little food it’s because they eat less than you do.

Look, here’s the bottom line.  Diet food does not have to be diet food, it can be food you would proudly serve to your guests.  And it *should* be.  You want to improve your cuisine, not just eat low-cal.