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How your company is watching your waistline | Reuters

Employers are getting much more aggressive about punishing workers who are overweight or have high cholesterol. A study released on Wednesday by the Obesity Action Coalition, an advocacy group, covered workers at more than 5,000 companies who must participate in their employer wellness programs to receive full health benefits. Sixty-seven percent also had to meet a weight-related health goal such as a certain body mass index.

Almost 60 percent of these workers received no coverage that paid for fitness training, dietitian counseling, obesity drugs or bariatric surgery to help achieve a body mass index under 25, which is considered healthy.

via How your company is watching your waistline | Reuters.

Look, obese people cost a lot more over their lifetimes.  We knew this was coming when smokers started having to pay more because they cost more.  Now it’s turning toward costing you to remain large.  Looks like it will cost a LOT.

Long time readers of this blog will remember our predictions this was coming.

It’s here.

You’ll have to get into a weight control program and show good progress or … pay.


Woman to give ‘obese’ children letters, no candy

A Fargo, N.D., woman says she will give trick-or-treaters that she deems “moderately obese” a letter instead of candy this Halloween.

“I just want to send a message to the parents of kids that are really overweight. … I think it’s just really irresponsible of parents to send them out looking for free candy just \’cause all the other kids are doing it,” the woman said in a morning radio interview with Y94. She wouldn’t identify herself.

The letter states: “You child is, in my opinion, moderately obese and should not be consuming sugar and treats to the extent of some children this Halloween season.”

via Woman to give ‘obese’ children letters, no candy.

Realize this is an intentionally inflammatory news item to begin with, and is not a representative of any kind of organized plan to get more people to act like this sad person.

OK, we get the point.   Maybe stoking up on candy isn’t helpful for large kids.  But that’s beside the point.

What’s REALLY not helpful is to treat one particular kid with note saying, You’re too Fat for Candy, while giving candy to all the other kids who presumably don’t actually have a caloric need they’re out fulfilling either.

What can you do tonight, if you observe Halloween, to do it in a manner consistent with your food values?

(1) Do consider giving out things that are less caloric (though realize many parents won’t be able to let their children eat food that is homemade, either because of concern over allergens or concern for safety, both of which are totally reasonable)

(2) Manage  your own household well in this, and let other families take care of disciplining their own children’s intake.    I


Thoughts on: 10 Reasons to Give Up Diet Soda – ABC News

When taken at face value, diet soda seems like a health-conscious choice. It saves you the 140-plus calories you\’d find in a sugary soft drink while still satisfying your urge for something sweet with artificial sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose. But there\’s more to this chemical cocktail than meets the eye.

via 10 Reasons to Give Up Diet Soda – ABC News.

Oh, please.  The front page of ABC News, in the middle of what could eventually become a constitutional crisis over government control of health care, a lingering crisis over what our government was running in Benghazi and why they were willing to our ambassador and his protective guard be killed without the slightest actual response, crisis upon crisis in DC and the front page we’re getting is:

Diet soda is bad, mmkay?

Full of quotes from, ahem, alternative health sources hoping to uncover vast sins of corporate greed in Big Food.


Diet soda is associated with poor health and obesity because a lot of  obese people drink it.  And there are a lot of obese people out there.

Diet soda has not been conclusively shown via exhaustive study to do anything to your blood sugar.  The most often quoted study had only 17 participants.  The other studies are rat studies, and we don’t use rat studies to make recommendations to people.

Should you drink it?  Let’s assume you’re not sensitive to the sweetener itself — if you were, you’d absolutely positively know in a life threatening way.    So, as an alternative to caloric beverages, diet soda is a better choice.  Sure we’d rather you drink water.  Out of your tap or inexpensive home filter, so you can drink plenty.  But if you want a soda and there’s diet, you are not going to be harmed by that.  If you find you want more sweet stuff because diet soda is sweet, are you placing the blame on the soda when you already want something sweet?  You be the judge there.

In other words — bogus article slipped in to fill space this particular network is not going to fill with true stories about real news.

Help! I’m on a diet and I’m STARVING all the time!

Let’s assume for the purposes of the question being asked, that you’re eating more than 1300 calories a day for a lady and 1600 calories for a guy — plus about 200 calories if you have more than 100 pounds to lose.


Here’s an odd thing. You will eventually get used to eating less than you used to eat.

When we were going through my grandma’s things we found her good china, 125 years old, and thought someone had STOLEN her big dinner plates. Come to find out when we looked it up online, people did not used to eat so much and the plates we thought were large salad plates were the dinner plates!

Part of our problem has been ever expanding intake. Did you know the reason a small Starbucks coffee is a Tall is that they used to have only the Short and the Tall, and the Tall was the BIG size? Also the size McDonald’s fries that used to until recently be in the kid’s meal were actually the Regular adult size a generation ago? Coke used to come in cool little 6 oz bottles and now it’s in 64 ounce Big Gulps. We eat too much!

Over a period of time it will feel like your stomach is shrinking, almost like having gastric bypass surgery — you’ll feel too full when you eat more than what NS gives you in a day. Wait for it, it is worthwhile! Just an aside, if you overeat in a big way, the feeling of being really hungry comes back quickly. Got to eat consistently just enough to fuel your body without being enough to get stored away as fat, which is your body’s way of preparing for the next famine (which never comes!).

What does it mean if I’m hungry while I’m losing weight?

Two mice; the mouse on the left has more fat s...

It means you’re not eating as much as you’re used to.

Give yourself a calorie check.  If you’re eating more than 1800/day (women) or 2100/day (men) and you’re not morbidly obese, you’re fine.  If you’re eating about 2/3 of that with your doctor’s assistance, you’re fine.  If you’re eating quite a bit less than that, without your doctor’s strong assistance, you’re ACTUALLY going hungry and should be concerned.

Otherwise, hunger is not an emergency and does not need to be treated.  Your next meal is soon.

Obesity in Teenagers Is Tied to Hearing Loss




Obesity in Teenagers Is Tied to Hearing Loss –


One more reason to lose weight.


Hearing loss is associated with obesity.  The authors of the study surmise that the increased bodily irritation you’re doing yourself from being fat, causes even hearing loss.  Let alone what it’s doing to your other organs.


Bariatric-surgery long-term metabolic results

US Navy 110511-N-CW427-002 Cmdr. Gordon Wisbac...

This is from, a subscription site, so we’ll paste a bit of it here and you can go subscribe if you want the full conent.

Vienna, Austria – A fourth of patients with type 2 diabetes who underwent bariatric surgery for obesity showed metabolic remissions at six years, another 25% had partial remissions, and both rates were higher among those getting Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, in the recent four-year “real-world” experience of a major US center [1]. Both weight-loss and metabolic results were consistently better after gastric bypass than after other types of bariatric surgery, with Roux-en-Y bypass achieving a 27% rate of “cure” as defined by an American Diabetes Association ADA consensus statement [2], according to a report here at the Prediabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome 2013 Congress.Given that <20% of US type 2 diabetics achieve goals for HbA1c, blood pressure BP, and LDL cholesterol, the experience suggests bariatric surgery “induces a significant and sustainable remission” in obese patients with diabetes “and should be considered early in the course of the disease,” said Dr Philip Schauer Cleveland Clinic, OH in his presentation. Indeed, overall, the earlier in their disease patients underwent the surgery, the better their response.

via Bariatric-surgery long-term metabolic results |

Now here’s the deal.  Let’s say you’re obese and you have Type 2 diabetes.  People who have bariatric surgery have the NOT VERY ROSY prognosis of only having a 25% chance of still having full remission of the Type 2 in six years, and another 25% of being somewhat better.  But HALF of the bari surg patients don’t get long lasting relief from that.

On this basis, being fat would have a  worse treatment prognosis than having cancer.

Somehow we’ve gone into painting beautifully rosy pictures that bari surgery fixes obesity and  its consequences. It may, it may not, because the problem was not your stomach to begin with.  

Shrinking the size of your stomach does not permanently shrink your desire to overeat.

HOWEVER, changing your life, can be a totally permanent thing.  Guanteed.  Non-surgical.  Feels great, looks great!  Go do.