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Sharing the journey

Part three in the three-part extremely easiest guide to weight loss.

Part one: Put a limit on  your intake

Part two: Take the limit off of your output

Part three: hang with people who Do whenever possible.

Losing weight is not particularly difficult once you accept the fact that it’s more painful to stay like you are than to change.  Then once you decide to change, change comes really easy at first.  Then it gets hard, and by that time, you need your support team fully in place.

Find one person today you can tell you’re going to lose weight, and do. Have them ask you how it’s going whenever they see you.  Ideally, make it someone whose determination and self-control you admire.  Hang with that person through thick and thin.

Then accumulate more people of this sort.  Additionally, seek out people who have Done what you want to Do, to ask questions to, and hang with them to find out what makes them tick, what they think about food, what they eat, what they do for fun.   Take heed; a good guide is one who is very familiar with the path ahead for you.



How to never regain the weight you lost

We all know people who lost a staggering amount of weight and then put it back on.  It’s the easiest thing in the world to do, especially if your weight loss mission does not look much like your maintenance mission.  Here are 3 ways to give your weight loss permanance.

1.  CONTINUITY.  If your weight loss mission is a crash program consisting of none of the things you will be doing once you get to your goal, you will gain the weight back.  Medically it’s better to have not lost, then to have lost 75, 100, even 200 pounds and then put it back on.  But if you lose in a sustainable way, that you can adjust  to a caloric balance rather than a deficit, you have immediate staying power.

2.  OVERWHELMING PURPOSE.  If while losing weight, you can envelop yourself in a matter of extreme urgency you can continue once you get to your goal, you’ll be better off.  For me it’s been helping people see that good things can happen not to just other people but to them.  For you it might be fighting against childhood obesity, the lack of good food in urban areas, the idea that of all people Christians should be the most healthy specimens on earth … there are lots of areas that are almost untouched.

3.  OTHER PEOPLE.  Once you start having some weight loss success, by all means grab some more people and bring them along with you.  They might not do what you do, and they might not hear everything you say, but leading other people cements your own desire to have your own walk be permanent.

Help! I eat nothing and I’m not losing weight!

This is pretty much the #1 coaching topic.  The question arises nearly every day — be it phone coaching. stand-up classes, or just friend to friend.

Here’s the short answer.  If you think you have a metabolic disorder, work with your physician.  Even then, it’s only going to make a slight dent in the basic mathematics of weight loss — generally maybe 200 to 400 calories a day, and definitely not enough to stop weight loss.

You’re not staying the same weight because you’re eating too little.  Good try, but it doesn’t absolve you from personal responsibility.  Think back on the photos of wartime prison camp survivors.  They’re all rail-thin.  If there were a magic “starvation mode” that keeps you from losing weight when your body “realizes” and “adjusts for” limited intake, everybody would be large.  Actually, metabolism runs along at a very consistent and predictable rate.  Metabolism has no way of downshifting by any large degree.

So that leaves only the obvious.  You’re not losing weight because you’re eating just enough to exactly balance out your caloric needs and your actual intake.

If you don’t think this is the case, here’s our challenge:  log all your intake for a month, as precisely if you can, and log your activity.  Take that to Mr. Google and find a BMR calculator, to get how many calories you burn just being alive.   If you’re not losing weight, your intake calories are pretty close to  the total of your BMR and your output calories.

Don’t mean to be insulting, but if they’re not, you’re underestimating your intake or overestimating your output.  Otherwise it would be saying that you can produce calories inside your body to sustain your life, that are not coming from the only way  your body has to produce calories — via converting potential energy to actual energy, by utilizing your stored calories.   You’d need to find a new way for your body to produce calories, to explain your not being dead.  Good luck with that.

I struggled against this obvious conclusion for 20 years.   I am not better than you.  I just accepted the obvious a little before you did, perhaps.

Motivating yourself to eat well while losing weight

You’re doing the best you can to healthy up your weight.  Trying everything to get it right this time.  Good for you!  Make sure this summer not to fall prey to eating mostly lean-in-a-box meals or other premade diet foods.  Really go all  out to expand your horizons:

1. Fire up the grill.  This would be a great time to buy a great grill.  It’s an instant flavor enhancer.

2. Take a cooking class or surf around on YouTube.  Learn to enjoy using a knife well.  Learn all the ways to cook an egg.  Learn to make your own version of something you’d otherwise buy.

3. Fresh, fresh, fresh in the summer.  See if you can eat vegetables that were picked this week, even.

4.  Practice grace toward yourself.  Allow yourself the gentle freedom to start over without the encumbrances of past failures tied around your neck.  Take a fresh start on everything you need to.

How did Kate Middleton lose so much weight?

Reportedly, the Middleton ladies are big fans of the Dukan Diet.  Handy little summary at the link.  There’s probably enough there to avoid having to pay $12.99 for the book.

I have to say, she looked marvelous, and so did her sister Pippa.  Prompting Glenn Beck’s crew to make an immediate call for More, More Pippa.

Actually if you are healthy as a horse, only have about 10-20 pounds to lose and want to shed water weight really quickly, this would be an interesting way to lose it.  It’s all protein, no carb, no fat, for 3-10 days, followed by an alternating series of vegetables-ok days and vegetables-not-ok days.  The reason weight sheds pretty quickly is that carbohydrates bind up the water you consume in your food and via drinking liquids, and when there’s no carbs there’s rapid dehydration.  8 pounds per gallon, so you can dump about 8 pounds in a week.  Soon as you go back to regular food you rehydrate and the weight comes back.

What’s most interesting about this plan is that it’s advertised as an Atkins-like all-you-can-eat, no calorie counting plan, but the meal plans it gives you are extremely low in calories.  Let me guess, about 900/day.  So the remaining reason you’re losing weight is that you’ve got a very large caloric deficit.

What’s second-most interesting is that the plan does a much better job than Atkins (which does not restrict fat), and South Beach (which decreases fat intake) … the difference isn’t in the approach to fat but the approach to after-diet care.  It does a nice job in its maintenance phase of teaching restricted but healthy eating.

Which begs the question:  if the goal after the first few weeks is restricted, healthy eating, why not just start there from the beginning instead of going for a quick, temporary loss up front?

So, the overall assessment:  just because something is pushed by a doctor doesn’t make it an utterly realistic plan.  If you do decide to go all-protein for a very short time, drink large amounts of fluids and note that this diet does give you some oat bran to keep you from going into Atkins Potty Straining mode.  Trust me, been there, done that, it’s horrible.  Do go to the vegetables-ok plan right away, even from the beginning.  God made them tasty on purpose, so you’d eat them and get the good stuff.