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Lean Cuisine – Chicken with Lasagna Rollatini review

Well now here’s a surprising thing.  You have to take into consideration the usual freezer diet meal caveats that are not ever surprising:

It looks nothing like the picture on the box. The fried coating on the chicken is pretty thin and transparent.  The lasagna is flatter.

It is a very small serving.

Plus in this case, the reason there’s a sprig of basil or something on the photo is because there’s no vegetation inside, so you’ll need to supplement this to make it a complete meal.

But in this case, there’s a pleasant surprise.  The chick is pounded thin, or at least is a good approximation of that.  The pasta is ok.  The sauce is ok.  The overall impression it leaves you with is, hey, that was ok, I wish there was more of it.

Thus the need for you to add as many vegetables as you can, to make it a nice little meal.  We’ll give it a B+.  Would have been an A if it had some green vegetable as a side.

By the way, rollatini usually refers to thin slices of eggplant, like in eggplant parmesan.  Which is a great and not very difficult dish, in my humble opinion.

Also by the way, apparently this food concept is a real thing, here’s a recipe for the real thing:



Lean Cuisine Ravioli — now with crunchy glass fragments

The affected product has a UPC code of 13800-58358, and specific production codes of 2311587812 and 2312587812. As shown in the above photo, production codes can be found on the side flap of the box, right below the ingredients, which do not list “glass” among them. The recalled ravioli have a “best before date” of DEC 2013. Nestlé says that these particular batches of ravioli were shipped out to stores in Nov. 2012. Since it’s a popular product, the company believes that most of what was shipped has since been sold to consumers.

via Some Lean Cuisine Ravioli Recalled Because “Fragments Of Broken Glass” Wasn’t Listed As An Ingredient – The Consumerist.

If you think you have some of this in your freezer, check the production codes on the side flap.  Right under the ingredients list.  Because it has a hidden extra ingredient — glass fragments.

Lean Cuisine Thai-style Chicken review

Frequent readers of this blog already know I tend to like my frozen meals to have interesting flavors like real food I’d make myself, and I like the meal to be a little jacked up on the spiciness and have plenty of extra sauce to pour over the frozen vegetables I add to these to make t hem into a full meal.

This one has all those.  There’s an abundance of sauce, which has a very orange cast to it but is good, regardless. The rice has sort of an extra soft baby food texture that leaves something to be desired.  The meal does not look like the photo.  Add more orange, put the rice in the sauce, and get rid of the toasted coconut in the photo, and you’d have it.  The coconut is most definitely there; it’s in the sauce, not on top.  It’s nice.  The chicken is nicely done.  300 calories, 35% of the daily amount of vitamin C, 20% of the daily amount of vitamin A.  20 grams of protein — nice.  600 mg of sodium — not so nice but still manageable if you’re only eating one frozen meal per day.  And please do, if that.

Overall, very well done, we’re going to give this one an A and recommend you give it a try.

Lean Cuisine Fiesta Grilled Chicken review, and an easy, better, homemade solution.

Got to say, frozen meal packages are evolving into masterworks of photographic art.

It doesn’t look like the box, it looks like this:

What looked like it was going to be a Mexican meal served up in authentic south-of-the-border style, turned out to be just another pile of sauced chicken with a side pile of rice to stir it into.

It’s not horrible. It’s OK.  My final impression was, wonder how the brown grill marks get on the meat, wonder how much salt is in here, and wondering what specific lack of taste the salt is covering for.  That would probably vegetables. There’s some little chips of various frozen food veggie pieces, and that’s about it.

If you like this even a little bit, let me recommend making something much better yourself.

9×13″ pan.

Stack of corn tortillas.

Jar of salsa, 8 oz of cream cheese mixed together.  Low fat cream cheese is fine.

Can of corn.

Can of pintos or black beans.

Little can of green peppers.

Rice if you want.  A cup or two, brown or white.  Be like Chipotle and stir some cilantro into your rice.  Don’t be like Taco Bell and stir salad dressing into it.  Shudder.

Thin covering of cheese on top so it doesn’t get dry.

Now make lasagna out of this in a pan. Layer, layer, cover.  Heat until it’s warm and gooey.  You’ve got six Better Cuisines there, for the cost of 2 Lean Cuisines.  Freeze or refrigerate separately for your convenience.  You can get a little creative with olives, sliced tomatoes, green salsa, hot sauce, whatever you want.  Enjoy.