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Does Juicing Have Any Real Health Benefits?

Does Juicing Have Any Real Health Benefits?.

Nice article at the link above.





What we do know:  if you had something inside that was stuck and needed to be cleansed out, you’d likely be demanding some medical attention right away.  It’s not a stealth issue.

Also we know eating vegetables and fruits is good.

What we don’t know:  everything else about juicing.   We don’t have a comparison of the benefits of kale juice vs, eating kale, and we don’t know what happens to kale juice in your fridge vs what happens to kale.   I’m using kale as an example since personally I’d rather drink it than eat it.


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Cooking Without Alcohol: Substitutes for Red and White Wine | The Kitchn

Red wine substitutes:

• Chicken, beef, or vegetable stock

• Grape, pomegranate, or cranberry juice

• For acidity or deglazing, add about a tablespoon of red wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar per cup of stock or fruit juice

• For sweetness, add sugar or honey

White wine substitutes:

• Verjus

• Chicken or vegetable stock

• White grape or apple juice

• For acidity or deglazing, add about a tablespoon of white wine vinegar or lemon juice per cup of stock or fruit juice

• For sweetness, add sugar or honey

If trace amounts of alcohol arent a concern, you could also use non-alcoholic red and wine wines. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol does not completely evaporate during cooking.

via Cooking Without Alcohol: Substitutes for Red and White Wine | The Kitchn.

We’ve been off for the last several days calling friends and consulting a plethora of online information, reviews, and comparison videos.

Here’s my bottom line.  If you make a morning smoothie from yogurt and fruit juice with some powder or another in it, anything will do. If you are slushing up ice, you’re immediately up in the $100 range. And if you’re incorporating a lot of plant matter, it’s one of these two blenders.

Here’s what we recommend.  First, invest in a $50 Ninja Pulse or a comparable blender to make sure you like to juice things and drink the whole juice including the fiber.  That will let you know if you’re more a blender person or a juicer person.  Leaving the fiber in is definitely the way to go.  Now — if you like the whole juice but  don’t want any chunky parts at all, consider this:

1. If you have standard 18-inch kitchen cabinet clearance, or a small kitchen, score a point for Blendtec.  Whenever you read Blendtec here, think, Blendtec with the 4 inch Wildside jar.  The other one, not so hot.  The wildside jar replaces the need for a tamper quite well.

2. If you want a tamper, score one for Vitamix.

3. If you want to make nut butter it’s a wash.  Either the Vitamix plus the dry grind jar or add $119 for the Blendtec Twister jar, or learn to be patient with the stop/start/push down drill on the regular Blendtec.

4. If you like to set it and forget it,  Blendtec.  Though you may have to hold it down anyway, because any blender will walk around a bit when it’s chopping away.  If you like to play around with it throughout the process, Vitamix.

So our personal choice, since our cabinets are standard and I didn’t want to put it on our mobile island, is the Blendtec.

The real, real bottom line:  The real, utter bottom line is the end product you get is going to be identical and you’ll get many years out of this blender.  You can’t go wrong with either.

Pomegranate juice linked to significant blood pressure reduction

Research by Anthony Lynn et al. published in the journal Plant Foods for Human Nutrition found that pomegranate juice supplementation had short-term benefits for blood pressure after 51 healthy adults showed a large fall in blood pressure after drinking the juice for four weeks.

via Pomegranate juice linked to significant blood pressure reduction.

Have you seen this?  You can add yet one more possible benefit of drinking pomegranate juice.

Pomegranate is one of the first foods we have evidence of medical uses for — all the way back to Egypt.  In fact it’s possibly  that pomegranate is the fruit, or the descendant of the fruit, referred to in the story in Genesis of Adam and Eve and the fruit of good and evil.  Not that you’re wondering, but when asked if we think Adam and Eve was a real human event or an allegory story, we’d say, both.  They were the real first two people, the human progenetors, and it’s also used as a way of showing the larger path of sin and redemption.  But I digress.

Pomegranate is a wonderfully sweet yet astringent tasting food that I’ve found to be more than a little trouble to eat seeds and all.  It appears the juice, in this case, has benefits in and of itself, and you can buy the juice already ready to drink, perhaps more accessibly than buying the fruit.

Have some.