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How to Get Fit on the Cheap

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Being strapped for cash doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy and workout on a regular basis.

“The key to eating healthier and not breaking the bank is changing our perspective when we look at food,” says Michael Fenster, a board-certified interventional cardiologist and author of Eating Well, Living Better.

via How to Get Fit on the Cheap | Fox Business.

Some of the best foods for you are among the least expensive.  And some of the best workouts cost nothing at all.  Great read.

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How many calories are in a drink from STARBUCKS? – I Love Coffee

How many calories are in a drink from STARBUCKS? – I Love Coffee.

Brilliant!  Lots of people would drop 5 bucks on a coffee drink …. but would they for the same number of calories drink 5 cans of cola?

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5 Ideal Vegetables For Lazy Cooks | Summer Tomato

“Whether I’m feeling too busy, too lazy, or a bit of both, these are my go-to veggies to save time and effort in the kitchen.”

via 5 Ideal Vegetables For Lazy Cooks | Summer Tomato.

Have to admit part of the appeal of the article is the gorgeous photo … but also it’s a cool site I just discovered.  Check it out!

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Skip the Bin: Trench Composting

Everyone has organic waste.  Ever hate to throw it out but really dread keeping a compost pile going?

Here’s what we’ve converted two for the past 3 years which works really well:

via Skip the Bin: Trench Composting | Apartment Therapy.

Basically we dig an extra deep furrow in the garden between two rows of plants (or you could just dig a hole in an unused part of your flower bed) and then fill it with organic waste and cover it with soil.  Each time we take out more waste, we cover that little bit right then, and keep going.  Over the course of the summer, there will have been a trench between each row.  The next year, we try to plant over that spot as our new row, and start again. For us, the next spring when we cultivate, it’s no longer visible, it’s composted down and the soil has been amended.

No smell, no daily turning, no watering, no temperature measuring or feeding the compost pile — it’s really easy.

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Personal research report — the easy way to cook steel cut oats.

English: Taken by Bart Lacks

It’s just the same oat groats processed a different way than your usual rolled oats — chopped up rather than being rolled — giving them a nuttier, more porridge-friendly goodness. Contrary to what you may have read on the internet, their nutrition and glycemic index is the same as any other unadulterated oats.

The two big distinctives for our family are:

1. They taste really good and go well with a lot of different add-ins, and

2. They take a LONG time to cook.

Forget the microwave.  Not gonna happen.   You can make “old fashioned” rolled oats in the microwave (3-5 minutes, use a bigger bowl than you think you may need), no problem.  And you can make your own healthy version of instant oatmeal for the nuker too.

But steel cut oats have to have time to absorb liquid so they soten up.  That’s going to run you  20-45 minutes on the stovetop depending on how many you’re making.   So here’s an easier way — we understand it’s the typical Irish way …

Boil four cups of water — to a full rolling bowl.

Add in 1 cup of steel cut oats and return to a bowl.

Take it off the heat, cover, and let it sit all night.

Next morning, warm it up in the same pot, adding in whatever you add to oatmeal.

Could not be easier.


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    Eat some fruit

    Fruit Breakfast

    The level of your fruit consumption is directly associated with the level of your health.  Not surprisingly, because fruit is one of the markers we look first for when evalutating your diet — if you’re eating fruits, chances are you’re not just commercializing your way through the day on a steady diet of junk.

    There are perhaps as many as 20,000 different varieties of fruit, of only a very small fraction may be in your grocer’s produce aisle at any one time.  But they’ll rotate throughout the year as crops come available.

    To get your fruit consumption up, aim for at least one serving per day, ideally  two to four.

    And to get the variety up and add some interest, find and try some new fruit or fruit variety every week.

    The Food Lab: How to Make a Chick-Fil-A Sandwich at Home

    The Food Lab: How to Make a Chick-Fil-A Sandwich at Home | Serious Eats.

    Could it  be?  Only way to find out is to try it yourself.