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Walmart Enters The Organic Food Fight With New Affordable Product Line – Consumerist

Organic food is getting a bit of a makeover. Retail giant Walmart is joining forces with a one-time organic food powerhouse to offer the increasingly popular fare at more affordable prices for consumers.Starting this month Walmart and Wild Oats are teaming up to sell a new line of organic food that is at least 25% cheaper than national organic brands, the Associated Press reports.“We are removing the premium associated with organic groceries,” Jack Sinclair, Wal-Mart’s executive vice president of grocery, tells the AP.And that appears to be the case when looking at Walmart-provided comparisons of the new Wild Oats product offerings versus national brands. Wild Oats’ 6-ounce can of tomato paste is priced at $.58, compared to a national brand organic version priced at $.98. A 32-ounce can of Wild Oats’ chicken broth sells for $1.98, while a national organic brand sells their product at $3.47.

via Walmart Enters The Organic Food Fight With New Affordable Product Line – Consumerist.

This looks like a GREAT THING.  Be watching.  Would you use organic if it cost almost the same as conventional?  Wow.

And it’s a great sign that there’s extreme Walmart customer interest in organic. That’s heartland sentiment, not Whole Foods shoppers.

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Amazon Expands Grocery Delivery Service, To Offer $299 ‘Prime Fresh’ Subscriptions – Consumerist

Insiders say Amazon’s grocery service could succeed in the notoriously thin-margin market of grocery deliveries by making that money up on the myriad non-grocery items customers will be able to buy.AmazonFresh could be in nearly two dozen metro areas by the end of 2014, reports Reuters.

via Amazon Expands Grocery Delivery Service, To Offer $299 ‘Prime Fresh’ Subscriptions – Consumerist.

Peapod has been trying local delivery of internet-ordered groceries for quite awhile without enough profitability per city to make it easy to expand across the country.  We’ll have to watch and see if Amazon has better success.

Looks like you pay $299/year for unlimited free delivery of groceries.  It may also include regular Amazon Prime, a lower-cost pay service that gives you free shipping for a year of anything labeled Prime eligible.  Which I’m very thumbs-up about personally.

The Reality Of This Red Baron Scramble Is That It Needs A Gallon Of Gravy To Be Edible

There’s nothing quite like it — you walk past the box in the grocery store, and something catches your eye, sets your stomach a-rumbling. It looks so good, so delicious and tempting, you must buy it, own it, and devour it for your very own. But as Dave found out with a Red Baron breakfast scramble, taking off that persuasive packaging often reveals something imminently less desirable.

via The Reality Of This Red Baron Scramble Is That It Needs A Gallon Of Gravy To Be Edible – Consumerist.

Marketing to people who buy fresh produce at the grocery

Not surprising but important.   People who buy fresh foods  are going to spend more on other particular types of groceries — particularly other kinds of fresh foods.

Look for grocery stores to really heat it up in terms of the quantity and quality of fresh items for sale as they try to keep you, the more nutrition oriented shopper, in their store.  For a long time groceries have catered to the people who shop mostly the middle, processed food aisles.  The processed sugar aisle, the salt aisle, those places are becoming less of a factor.

Does it cost more to buy real food?   Yes, but it costs less too, because you won’t be needing anything from those other areas of the store.

What should I eat for breakfast at a fast-food place?

A host of major fast-food giants are making an effort to offer customers lighter and more nutritious ways to start their mornings, and there’s no denying the importance of a healthy breakfast to set you on the right track for the day.

via America’s healthiest fast-food breakfasts | Fox News.

Look, let’s just dispense with all the pleasantries about how you’d rather cook for yourself but you just caaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn’t because of whatever reason you’re currently using.

Breakfast is the easiest, fastest, meal to make. You can make your own breakfast faster than you can sit in the drive through line.  Guaranteed.

If you find that you must eat fast food for breakfast, I’ll give you 100 to 1 odds that you’re not planning ahead.   Allowing for some unusual combination of actual emergencies, here’s our recommendation for the best fast-food place for breakfast.

The best fast food breakfast on the go, is at your grocery store.    Grab a couple of bananas and some yogurt, and get out.  Or something along those lines.  This also works for lunch and dinner, by the way.  We are major fans of the food bar at Whole Foods, and the single serve ready to eat packs at Trader Joes.  Your grocer wants to be your go-to destination for quick meals.  Give them the opportunity to do so.

The second best fast food breakfast on the go, is portable food.  Just an example: Clif bars will last a long time in your car without getting weird or melty.  Prepare your vehicle ahead of time.  Don’t store the food somewhere you can reach while you’re just out puttering around; save it for meal time.

Cool iPhone app for knowing the pros and cons of food

Here’s a nice iPhone app called Fooducate. Point your iPhone camera at at the UPC code of a food item, and you’ll receive a nice little summary of the pros and cons of that food.

It takes some of the mystery out of the process of identifying the odd ingredients in commercial food.

If you don’t want to be so investigatory:

1. Don’t buy foods with ingredients you could not buy at the grocery store separately.  They don’t sell propylene glycol, for example.

2. Don’t buy foods with ingredients you would not want to eat all by themselves.  Your body has to separate that propylene glycol and digest it.

3. Read the nutrition label, not just the big text on the front.  The big text is somewhat regulated by The Government Is Here To Help You, but there are surprising allowances everywhere.  Whole Grain bread only has to be 51% whole grain, for example.  A claim can be made for Made With Real Fruit, or Contains Antioxidants, if only a minuscule amount is present.  Ingredients are in order by weight, not by percentage prevalence in the food product.

Action Friday

At the suggestion of a very perceptive physician friend we’re going to implement somthing a little out of the ordinary for a blog.  Here it comes, wait for it:

Action Friday.  Every Friday we’re going to kick it into the weekend with an action step for you.  Something to not just read, but to do.  Something to not just to do, but to embrace and love.  Eventually.

Here’s the Action Friday exercise for the next week.  Think of all the foods currently in your kitchen which are not the  kinds of foods you intended to be eating by now.  Got that?  You may want to go take a quick inventory.  Include the fridge, freezer, pantry, that special stash in the car, the food beside your bed and even at your desk.

Now go throw it away.

You were not planning on eating like that, so don’t.  If it’s for family, that’s ok, they don’t need it either.  If it’s for your special treats, food is not a treat.  You’re large so you keep treats around the house to reward yourself for being good, by dipping back into the old junk from before?  How’s that workin for ya?

I used to encourage you to give this poisonous, chemical-laden, factory produced crapola to your local free kitchen.  Not anymore.  They don’t need to feed it to people either.

Now go to the grocery store and get some stuff to eat.  At first it will seem like sort of a lot of expense to go through, but only buy enough to eat for the next 3 days. Keep it real.  Real food.  And then in 3 days you can go back and buy 3 more days’ worth knowing more about what you like to eat, and make it a better pay-as-you-go budget plan.

There’s your Action Friday step of the week!