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Grilled Pizza With Grilled Red Onions and Feta

Grilled Pizza With Grilled Red Onions and Feta –

Here’s a really great one-recipe combination of several things we like to do on the grill.  Pizza and grilled vegetables together.  Go for it.


How To Grill Salmon: Grilling Times and Healthy Recipes


Grilled Salmon

How To Grill Salmon: Grilling Times and Healthy Recipes.

Handy site with instructions for different kinds of salmon and different presentations.

We have some on the grill as we speak.  Tonight’s dinner and, on top of salad, tomorrow’s lunch.  Couldn’t be finer.

Start. Just start, already.

I never worry about action, but only inaction.

Winston Churchill

Motivating yourself to eat well while losing weight

You’re doing the best you can to healthy up your weight.  Trying everything to get it right this time.  Good for you!  Make sure this summer not to fall prey to eating mostly lean-in-a-box meals or other premade diet foods.  Really go all  out to expand your horizons:

1. Fire up the grill.  This would be a great time to buy a great grill.  It’s an instant flavor enhancer.

2. Take a cooking class or surf around on YouTube.  Learn to enjoy using a knife well.  Learn all the ways to cook an egg.  Learn to make your own version of something you’d otherwise buy.

3. Fresh, fresh, fresh in the summer.  See if you can eat vegetables that were picked this week, even.

4.  Practice grace toward yourself.  Allow yourself the gentle freedom to start over without the encumbrances of past failures tied around your neck.  Take a fresh start on everything you need to.