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How Exercise Can Calm Anxiety

Rsearchers at Princeton University recently discovered that exercise creates vibrant new brain cells — and then shuts them down when they shouldn’t be in action.

For some time, scientists studying exercise have been puzzled by physical activity’s two seemingly incompatible effects on the brain. On the one hand, exercise is known to prompt the creation of new and very excitable brain cells. At the same time, exercise can induce an overall pattern of calm in certain parts of the brain.

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Frequently mentioned here and often studied …. just want to hit you up with this right at the beginning of the holiday weekend when you have time to exercise more.

Anxiety and depression can be actively, significantly improved by consistent daily exercising.  It may be the LAST thing you feel like doing at the time, but it’s hugely important.  God made us to be movers and shakers, literally, and until the last 50-100 years it was about impossible to live without getting moving.  Just true, live with it.

You were made to move around.  You were made to be outdoors a good part of the time, too.

Get off the computer and go do something active.


What to do when losing weight sucks

I really wish the self-denial involved in losing weight came easily.  It just doesn’t.  And the rosy testimonials we see in the media really don’t help in that regard.  It’s not joyful.  It is no fun at all to feel hungry.  It’s not fun to pass up free food.  Not being able to eat what your friends are eating, just really reeks.  And I will never forget the feeling of looking at the scales after a week of total compliance and seeing just a couple of pounds lost.  All that pain, for what.

But that’s the point.

We’re raising three kids.  Two of them might as well be angels in human form, they’re so easy.  One, not so much.  At all.  But that’s how it is.  We’re crazy about each other, we just see everything completely differently from each other.  It’s frequently a collision of our wants vs. reality.  Weeping only lasts for awhile, and then there’s joy at the end.  We hope and pray, at least.  And we press on.  And that child, loved on and prayed over, is turning around.  Grace envelops some people all at once, but to we who are headstrong, it comes more gently.  God has a much longer sense of timing than we do.  I must accept that timing without imposing my own.

I went to college full time, worked full time at the same time, and was husband to a wife who lost her father from one moment to the next right after we got married and I started my second trip through graduate school at her college. We lived in a little bitty apartment, drove an itty bitty car, and had constant issues.  But we pressed on, because we wanted the results enough that we accepted the cost.

Losing weight hurts too.  Minute by minute, all the way through, for some of us.  There are two separate ways to make this more gentle for you.

ONE:  Become the person you want to be.  That person is someone who takes good care of themselves.  You’re taking extra, extra good care of yourself by insuring you burn off that stored up fat as quickly as possible, because you don’t need to be wearing those tens or hundreds of thousands of calories.  Accept the deal, deal out your day, and when you go to bed you know you’ve done well, and that’s not so painful if you look at it daily.

TWO:  Develop a long term outlook.  I realize it sounds like a contraction to the above, but not really.  Give up the joy of overeating, for the much greater joy of arriving at your goal weight.  Psalm 129. Sow the good seed in sorrow, knowing there will be sorrow, because you know that you will reap a joyful harvest.    The false little bit of joy from overeating, produces a lot more pain later.   Pain today produces much better joy tomorrow.

God-powered health care

More on the God front as promised.

If you will, consider weight loss as one aspect of abundant health. Losing weight is not about what to do. It’s about losing it one time, in a way that you never find it again.

For that you will need power you have not had before. Self control you have not experienced in this area. And for that you need accountability in a true, biblical sense and not just as advanced friendship.

Today, pick out someone you admire spiritually who happens to be of normal weight, who you can see often. Give them a call and set a time to come talk. We’ll discuss what you’re talking about, tomorrow.

Also coming tomorrow, blender reviews! Stop back.

Motivation Friday: You can instantly transform your life

Life changes all the time.  If you’re an adult,  you already know this — the phone call comes, the letter arrives in the mail, the doctor sits you down for some bad news — and your life instantly changes.

If you were at  your doctor’s office and they told you you have to have dialysis every day, starting today, or you would die, you would change instantly.   Right then.  Before you left their office you’d have already re-prioritized every other thing so that you were going to dialysis.  You certainly wouldn’t say, well I don’t actually have time for that, my dependents might have to adjust to something new, or I’m too busy at work.  Nope.  I don’t even know you and I’m sure you wouldn’t.  You’d say, OK doc, set it up, I want to live.

And you certainly wouldn’t take 7 days or 21 days or 30 repetitions or whatever the latest life change book says it would take to form that dialysis habit.  Nope, you’d form the habit  right now, even before the first time you went.

We need to realize that POSITIVE change can happen just as instantly.  Just like that instant decision to begin dialysis to save your life, you can choose the change that extends and brings fulfillment to your life.   And once you decide to take the big leap into the future, the strength and ability to get there will come.  God blesses moving targets.   Courage comes to those who put themselves in a position to need it.

It all starts with deciding you’re done being the way you used to be, and you’re from this moment launching out into the way you were meant to be.  And actually, change is going to come, and to a large degree you can choose now whether the doctor will have to tell you you’re going to die if you don’t change, or whether that doctor uses you as a stellar example of someone who changed.   I have been on both sides of that, and the latter is thousands of times better and worth it, no matter what.  Choose to live.


Strength to achieve your goals

What’s your power source?  If it’s just scrunching up your mental resolve, it’s not going to get you very far, otherwise you’d already have met that goal long ago.

Power is consumed internally.  It has to come from somewhere else.

Power is derived externally … some of the best sources are:

(1) God.

(2) Actual real life friends.

(3) Knowledge which has been learned in real life and applied back to real life again (that’s what wisdom is)

(4) Truth.  I hesitate to mention it, but there’s tremendous power that comes from realizing you’re going to have a pretty morbid life if you don’t change.



How to get a flatter tummy

Long-time readers already see this one coming.  You can’t get a flatter tummy from doing stomach exercises.  You can get a more muscular tummy which perhaps enables you to suck it in with greater effect, but that’s not what you’re looking for for a long-term solution, we’re sure.

Here’s the lowdown.

It’s totally normal for someone to get their weight about where they want it and still have a little area of their body that’s not ideal-looking.  It’s genetically based.  Your immediate ancestors were likely the same way.  Often the first place your weight gain ever showed up, is the very last to look really nice.  There’s no spot-reducing, because whenever you burn calories, fat reserves are depleted from all over your body, from your head to your toes.  Further explaining why I lost  two shoe widths and several ring sizes before my waistline started to look more or less like what I wanted it to.

What you can do, instead, is just go with the flow of weight loss and keep on losing down to what you figure your best-looking weight to be.  If you’re 20 that may be lower than if you’re 55, for example. Secondly, if you’re looking at this as a life improvement and life extension project, rather than wholly a looking-good project, your actual exact weight at the bottom is just one factor in how you feel about yourself.  Go for the best balance of all factors.  You’re too valuable to be reduced to that one area of your body that bugs you.

Dialing In

Maybe you know this drill pretty well — you’ve got to attend a phone meeting, and on the calendar invite there’s a phone number to dial, followed by a passcode.  If you key in the right passcode, you go to the right meeting.  If you key in the wrong passcode, as I’ve done before, you might go to a real, valid meeting, just not the one you were expecting!

The LEAST effective way to get into your meeing if you don’t know the passcode would be to just randomly start pounding out numbers hoping you’d get the right one.  You likely never would.

Losing a lot of weight is like that.  You know the general idea of where to go, we all do.  Move more, eat less, wait it out, it will come.  But beyond that there’s so many different ways to go that don’t get you to the meeting you want!

  1. The confusing hyper nutritional approach that leaves you spending much of your day logging every micronutrient,
  2. The food as poison approach that causes you to have to buy all your food from the most expensive possible source.
  3. The low carb, or low protein, or low fat approach that leaves you genuinely afraid to eat a whole major category of the foods God has made to sustain and truly nourish you
  4. The hyper willpower approach that sees you on a 100% immediate transformation from what you yesterday saw as good but today see as evil and can never ever touch those entire categories of food again. 

Dig it, there’s nothing essentially wrong with any of these, it’s just that what makes them wrong is that they’re not the right place you were headed toward, and not the ultimate endpoint you were after.  You sacrificed ever getting to the end point by heading in a direction that clearly was not a sustainable part of your future.

Let me encourage you in the strongest possible terms — make your weight loss plan look as much as possible like your ultimate long term maintenance life as possible.   If you don’t plan on running every day, don’t do that to lose weight.  If you don’t plan on never eating some type of food ever again, don’t lose weight that way. Because temporary measures never lead to long term gain. 

What’s your ultimate goal look like?  What does that newly happier you eat? What do they do?  What do they like and dislike?  Spend time figuring that out, then go there!