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Easy, nutritious breakfast — Huevos Rancheros

This morning’s breakfast, thought we’d pass it on.

Mmm...huevos rancheros

Spray a small skillet with cooking spray (or use a small amount of vegetable oil or butter) and warm up the skillet.    Heat a corn tortilla (corn tortilla, not wheat, to be authentic, and, if you will, gluten free) about 30 seconds on each side, until it’s just starting to turn brown.   Set aside.

Fry an egg in the same skillet until the whites are set and the yolk is (if you care for it) still a little runny.  During the last little bit of cooking, either heat some ranchero sauce (enchilada sauce works fine, salsa works fine), or just pour it in with the egg.

Assemble on the serving plate the tortilla topped with the egg and the sauce.

110 calories, 11 grams of carbs, 5 grams of the good types of fat with cooking spray.  Additional topping ideas in the photo.





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Amy’s gluten free frozen macaroni and cheese review

Right up front we need to clarify — there are two separate varieties of this product, with nearly identical packaging.  The one pictured at left is gluten free pasta with dairy free cheeze.   I’d have to classify it as a weak product, but it’s not Amy’s fault directly.   The dairy free not-cheese is a tough sell for me.  You get there, and you realize there’s just not really any There there.  B-.

On the other hand, the dairy cheese, gluten free pasta version is fine.  It tastes about like you’d expect from frozen mac and cheese.  Not bad at all.  The price is high, due to the high quality of the ingredients Amys is known for across all their products.  It is what it is; there’s no vegetables, so you’ll need to add a side dish.  Served that way, a definite B+.

Do be sure when you pick some up, if you are OK with consuming dairy, to read the top of the package carefully if you’re wanting the dairy version.

Gluten: 5 things you need to know –

White bread, made and photographed by ElinorD

Gluten: 5 things you need to know –

Helpful, balanced article on gluten, and gluten intolerance.

What to do with shirataki noodles

凉米线 Rice Noodles with Cold Spicy Garlic Sauce ...

Shiratiki noodles are a traditional Japanese food  made from a yam, and are enjoying a new popularity here because they’re not actually digestible, so they have no calories, no carbs, and are gluten free.  The same product, ground and put into capsules, is sold as glucomannan where it its ability to expand quite a bit in your stomach helps somewhat with hunger pangs between meals.

You may have tried to use them as regular pasta and been pretty underwhelmed;  straight out of the bag they are gelatinous and the water they’re packed in smells like fish water — and they’re not very good in tomato sauce, for whatever reason.  But once you drain them and add them to a Japanese stir fry, they’re not bad at all, and pass very well for regular noodles without any caloric or carb load at all.

Just cut up some oriental vegetables, whatever you can find fresh at the store, maybe add some broccoli, carrot green beans, and/or cabbage, whatever you have on hand, and stir fry them quickly in a small amount of oil.  Now add whatever sauce you’re using, and the rinsed noodles, and finish cooking by stir frying some more.  You can add some cooked protein, garlic, oriental seasonings, again whatever you have.  Eat as is or turn it into soup by adding some broth.  It’s plenty good.

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