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Does washing remove the pesticides from foods? : Ask Dr. Gourmet

Does cleaning help? We don’t have long term information about the effects of pesticides in produce, but you can certainly reduce exposure to your kids by choosing organic when you can and washing your conventional fruits and veggies.

via Does washing remove the pesticides from foods? : Ask Dr. Gourmet.

It’s essential to wash produce before eating it, regardless of whether it’s conventional (pesticides) or organic (poopie and its related bacteria).

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The Best Olive Oil for Your Money May Be at Trader Joe’s

The Best Olive Oil for Your Money May Be at Trader Joe’s.

We love our Trader Joe’s and are glad to see them getting yet more recognition. Their bloue-label liter size bottle of Greek olive oil is highly rated in this article and tastes GREAT on anything EVOO can be used for.

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Eating too much added sugar may be killing you

Young girl carrying a bag of sugar / Fillette ...

The paper’s senior author Frank Hu, a professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, says excessive intake of added sugar appears to negatively affect health in several ways. It has been linked to the development of high blood pressure, increased triglycerides blood fats, low HDL good cholesterol, fatty liver problems, as well as making insulin less effective in lowering blood sugar.

via Eating too much added sugar may be killing you.

Sugar, the white death.  But seriously, if you are intending on being healthy why are you eating this?

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Marketing to people who buy fresh produce at the grocery

Not surprising but important.   People who buy fresh foods  are going to spend more on other particular types of groceries — particularly other kinds of fresh foods.

Look for grocery stores to really heat it up in terms of the quantity and quality of fresh items for sale as they try to keep you, the more nutrition oriented shopper, in their store.  For a long time groceries have catered to the people who shop mostly the middle, processed food aisles.  The processed sugar aisle, the salt aisle, those places are becoming less of a factor.

Does it cost more to buy real food?   Yes, but it costs less too, because you won’t be needing anything from those other areas of the store.

More on oils



What oils to use for what?  Here’s our best judgement.


For high heat:   Grape seed oil.  Healthful, and no oil with a high smoke point comes close.


For low heat:  Coconut oil.  It breaks down into unhealthy components in high heat, so make sure you don’t eat processed food with coconut oil unless it’s a raw product.


For drizzle, for dripping, for dipping, any low temperature application:  Extra virgin olive oil.  Or coconut if you like the taste of coconut; you notice the taste because of the smell, we think; as much of the sense of taste is actually smell.  Smells like coconut candy centers, not disagreeable at all.


Lean Cuisine Thai-style Chicken review

Frequent readers of this blog already know I tend to like my frozen meals to have interesting flavors like real food I’d make myself, and I like the meal to be a little jacked up on the spiciness and have plenty of extra sauce to pour over the frozen vegetables I add to these to make t hem into a full meal.

This one has all those.  There’s an abundance of sauce, which has a very orange cast to it but is good, regardless. The rice has sort of an extra soft baby food texture that leaves something to be desired.  The meal does not look like the photo.  Add more orange, put the rice in the sauce, and get rid of the toasted coconut in the photo, and you’d have it.  The coconut is most definitely there; it’s in the sauce, not on top.  It’s nice.  The chicken is nicely done.  300 calories, 35% of the daily amount of vitamin C, 20% of the daily amount of vitamin A.  20 grams of protein — nice.  600 mg of sodium — not so nice but still manageable if you’re only eating one frozen meal per day.  And please do, if that.

Overall, very well done, we’re going to give this one an A and recommend you give it a try.

Natural Flavors

"The New Fred Meyer on Interstate on Lomb...

Natural Flavors…

The name sounds innocent enough, but these mild-sounding words are used by the food industry as an umbrella term for some pretty horrible stuff, including certain ingredients that come from extreme animal abuse.

via Natural Flavors & Castoreum.

Castoreum:  what’s in  the scent gland of beavers.  Usually used in colognes, often in those with the “leather” theme, but also  used in foods to help them retain their aroma of vanilla or raspberry, since smell is important to taste.

Here’s one more reason to try to eat mostly food that does not have bar codes.  Beaver butt juice.