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Minnesota woman is 117 pounds lighter and $10k richer after winning fitness challenge

…weighed 239 pounds when she began working out two years ago. She stepped up her efforts for a 90-day fitness challege and came away a winner.

via Minnesota woman is 117 pounds lighter and $10k richer after winning fitness challenge  – NY Daily News.

Here’s an idea.  See if your gym has a weight loss competition.  Enroll in it, and use all the support resources they have for you.  It will help your push and give you instant cheerleaders along the way.  Perfect.


Exercise links happiness and lower mortality in CVD |

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“Because positive affect is related to exercise, interventions aimed at positive-affect induction in combination with exercise promotion may induce better outcomes for patients, both in terms of increasing the likelihood of the accomplishment and maintenance of a healthy exercise pattern and in terms of better psychological functioning, than interventions focusing on the promotion of exercise alone,” conclude the researchers.”

via Exercise links happiness and lower mortality in CVD |

Well put!  Definitely exercise helps you feel better.  Feeling better actually reduces your 5 year all-cause mortality — your likelihood of getting dead in the next 5 years.  Feeling positive about life is a huge benefit.  Move some today, so you can move some more tomorrow.

Question: Can I eat more if I’m doing a 5K every day?

5K race from 2005

There’s different intensities at which to do a 5K. If you’re walking hand-in-hand with a toddler, yeah, probably not going to burn it up out there enough to eat at the athletes’ training table.

But if you’re doing your 5K at a sprint, it is an athletic workout for sure. An even more difficult way, one to try, is a Tabeta run — requires a very high level of fitness — you’d for example run for 15 seconds at a pace faster than you ever thought you could run, then back it down to a sustainable running pace for a bit, then back to the super fast run, over and over. Talk to your doctor first of course.

You can see — the intensity of the exercise increases the caloric expenditure hugely. Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Mode are the factors to use. What I personally do is go basically from how killed I feel when I finish. If I can barely climb the stairs or it hurts to comb my hair  I add a protein serving. Lean protein is quite low in calories, 4 calories per gram of protein, so you’re not going to kill your eating plan. And it helps with your ability to bounce back the next day and do it again.

What makes muscles grow?

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It’s a specific adaptation to an imposed stress.   You consistently work a muscle to at/near the point of failure, and as it rebuilds itself, additional muscle is put there to help you out, to keep that spot from getting stressed out so much next time.

So  how do you use this to your advantage?  Do strength training, of some sort, every other day or so.  And/or lift heavy things often in the course of your life.  Or simulate a heavy lifting life by lifting real things in an exercise session which requires a lot of different kinds of movements and muscles to get the job done.  Even if you have to reduce your amount of cardio to get the strength training in, that’ s OK.

You lose 10% of your muscle mass per decade of life if you don’t do things that require that strength.  IF you don’t use your muscles, they go away.  If you do use them, they grow.

Characteristics of a good workout routine

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That’s an acronym that’s easy to remember.

FREQUENCY — how often you work out.

INTENSITY — how hard your maximum exertion is

TIME — how long you go.


You can vary any of the three. Longer, less intense workouts are as good or better for heart health as short, extreme workouts.  Fewer, more intense workouts tend to be better for strength development than doing the same low intensity lifts each day.

And if you’re short on time, you can up the frequency and/or intensity to compensate.  Four 15 minute workouts in one day is the  rough equivalent of an hour or continuous exercise.

Why You Hate Exercise and What You Can Do About It

Starting a new exercise routine is tough, and when your body is in pain from getting into shape its hard to really enjoy yourself. The Wall Street Journal takes a look at what it is that makes us hate exercise, and what we can do about it.

via Why You Hate Exercise and What You Can Do About It.

How can I make myself go to the gym?

From a reader question … as to how to get out of that horrible lethargy that just makes you want to put off, and put off, starting to exercise.

Here’s the deal.  Get up from the computer now, right now actually, and go one time.  Stay for 45 minutes or so.  When you finish, you’ll notice you don’t feel so lethargic any more, at all.

The only way to get out of that slothful feeling is to move even though you feel to slothful to do so.  Moving begets more moving.  Do some today and you’ll find you can do some more tomorrow.