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How to Get Fit on the Cheap

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Being strapped for cash doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy and workout on a regular basis.

“The key to eating healthier and not breaking the bank is changing our perspective when we look at food,” says Michael Fenster, a board-certified interventional cardiologist and author of Eating Well, Living Better.

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Some of the best foods for you are among the least expensive.  And some of the best workouts cost nothing at all.  Great read.

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For those with orthorexia, diet can never be ‘pure’ enough –


Their initial impulses might have been fine: perhaps cutting out processed foods or eating only organic food. But what if someone believes she absolutely cannot touch carrot juice if it’s not organic? Or that she can eat only vegan raw food or not a single carb? The result, says Sondra Kronberg, a registered dietitian and nutrition therapist based on Long Island, can be malnutrition, brittle bones and other problems.

Our culture is immersed in advice and admonitions about the “right” way to eat: Juice, Paleo, low-carb, no-fat and GMO-free diets abound. So perhaps it’s no wonder that the terrain gets dicey for some people.

Orthorexia “absolutely” is growing

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Eat some vegetables

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One of our most popular questions is “do I have to eat vegetables to be healthy?”

Pretty much, yes.  You could try a really comprehensive supplementation routine but it’s going to be very expensive.  Not to mention there’s more and more evidence that supplementation with nutrients does not actually produce a health effect, with the limited and obvious exception of if you’ve got scurvy or rickets or some other directly attributable single nutrient shortage effect.

You can do it with vegetable juice if you must, but it’s going to be a caloric issue for weight loss, since you’re removing the fiber which gets you full and leaving just the juice which does not.  The calories get concentrated but the fullness gets vastly diminished.

It’s better, if you really don’t like vegetables, to  learn to tolerate vegetable soup, and make sure to make it yourself so you can control the sodium and make sure you’re getting a variety of green, yellow, and red vegetables so you’ll know you’re getting a good variety of nutrients.

Or perhaps you can tolerate a tossed salad with low calorie dressing.

Or perhaps you can just man up and eat your vegetables and not go on expecting all your food to taste like Twinkies.



First things first.  You don’t want to cut your nutritional needs short.  It’s miserable.  But to answer the question as stated — there is no magical number of calories per day below which point you quit losing weight.

It would be great if that happened, because nobody would starve from lack of food.

But we’re not like that.

In fact, there is no starvation mode unless you are actually starving.  And if you’re carrying around 6 months or a year’s supply of food as body fat, you’re not starving.

BUT.  Do meet your nutritional needs each day.

You, Yes You Can Afford Wholesome and Organic Food – Real Food – MOTHER EARTH NEWS


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You, Yes You Can Afford Wholesome and Organic Food – Real Food – MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

Really thought-provoking little article on how to have GOOD food and also INEXPENSIVE food at the same time.

You may see in print the result of a recent study saying people who eat real food may spend 10 times as much as people who do not. Don’t believe a word of that.  They’re comparing twinkies and soda, to the fancy smancy high end carryout grocery.  And thinking you’ll be inthe most expensive CSA ever. Forget all that.

You can eat well for the same or less money than eating junk.

What does it mean about me if I blew up my diet and need to start over?

It means you’re human.  You don’t have to start up the self-loathing.   You had the expected result from losing weight — you found it again later.

And since you know you need to start over, you’re just 1 minute away from actually starting over.

You may want to tweak your plan so you don’t fall over the same exact way again.  Or maybe not tweak anything at all.

Failing does not make you a failure.  But winning does make you a winner.

I’m on a diet. Can I have one free meal a week where I eat anything I want?

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Quick Q&A today for a blog follower.

If you mean by that, as MUCH as I want, no, since you’re significantly overweight and just starting out on your food plan, you really have no idea how much to want.

Maybe later you will… by Thanksgiving dinner perhaps.

If you mean by that, just different foods with the same nutritional result, that’s more do-able, as long as your plan allows those foods.

If you mean by that, can I switch around breakfast and dinner or something like that, by all means yes, on most plans that’s totally fine.