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Green Coffee Bean Extract Exposed: Another So-Called “Miracle Fat Burner” Makes The Hall of Shame

Make July my month and yours! Not just another...

It shocks me how many people will pop over-the-counter pills blindly without safety even crossing their minds. It’s a common belief that if something makes it onto a health food store shelf or is natural, it must be safe, but in fact, this is part of the naturalistic fallacy. Plants and other naturally-occurring substances can be poisonous. They can also be beneficial or neutral in low doses but harmful in a high dose. Individual tolerance may vary as well, as some people have allergies, take meds or have medical conditions.

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Fair and balanced viewpoint on miracle diet pills here.

Stick with intake control and output maximization.

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Leucine May Be Key to High-Protein Weight Loss Diet

Though all the women lost about 16 pounds each, those in the higher-protein group lost more body fat and retained more lean muscle than those the high-carb group. “However, when we did a follow-up four months later, we found the higher-protein group continued to lose weight while the high-carb group had plateaued and lost no additional weight,” says Layman.

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Q: Should I supplement with L-Leucine to help me lose weight?

A:  Yes.  Read on.

Leucine is found (a) alone, as a supplement, (b) with the other branch chain amino acids, as a supplement, and (c) in meat, fish, and dairy foods.

By itself, it has little effect and may actually hinder weight los, slightly, temporarily.  That’s because God made you to eat food, not chemically reduced components of food.

But as part of a diet program where you’re limiting overall calories to less than you need to stay big, combined with making sure that a significant percentage of those calories comes from protein, you’re going to be fine on the leucine and total BCAA intake.  And the protein intake will help you not cannibalize your muscle tissue as much as if you were eating a higher carbohydrate low calorie diet.

Add a third component — daily exercise in the amount and types you can do every day without causing issues — and you immediately put yourself in the situation of being statistically in the most likely success group for permanent weight loss.

Why does my weight go up and down?

weight loss tracker week 5

Thanks for the question … if you mean, from hour to hour, don’t weigh that often, it’s just noise.  Your weight fluctuates with your hydration and digestive contents too much to make much use of that data.

If you mean from day to day, your weight loss will be spiky up and down, not a smooth curve, it just is.

If you mean from week to week for several weeks, check your compliance to your program.   And if you have no program, there’s your problem, pick some plan and go for it for 2-3 months minimum.

Losing weight is going to take some time.  Stay right with your program, eat the right amount of the right kinds of foods, and move your body as best you’re able to, and you’ll have good results.

What does it mean about me if I blew up my diet and need to start over?

It means you’re human.  You don’t have to start up the self-loathing.   You had the expected result from losing weight — you found it again later.

And since you know you need to start over, you’re just 1 minute away from actually starting over.

You may want to tweak your plan so you don’t fall over the same exact way again.  Or maybe not tweak anything at all.

Failing does not make you a failure.  But winning does make you a winner.

Help, I can’t eat all the food my diet asks me to eat

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe

From a nice lady who needs to eat four servings of vegetables, three of proteins, and three of unrefined carbs per day …

Let’s look at it this way.   You’re obese now, and getting larger.  So you’re eating more calories than you need.

Your new food plan is substantially fewer calories than you are eating right now.   Less food.  But with more trouble eating it.

Our first guess is that it’s way easier to slide a couple Big Macs down the food hole than it is to prepare and eat real food which is, or once was, alive (which is the definition of real food:  something that lived).

So it’s not that you can’t eat that many calories, it’s just that you’re getting used to a whole new way of whole eating and it will take some time till you feel as great as your daily intake looks.  Hang in there.

What weight loss expert do you follow?

Well now here’s a telling question.  Actually, most of the people I know who have lost weight, have lost and regained weight SEVERAL times, often a total of more than their current weight.  Thus very often you are ALREADY the world’s leading expert on how you lose weight.

Obviously you already know how to lose weight.  Don’t eat so much.  Be active.

It’s not about losing weight.  It’s about losing weight and never finding it again.

Much more to come on this topic.


What does it mean when I keep going off my diet?

English: Typical Atkins diet meal

Let’s break this one down to its two obvious extremes.  You on a Diet, You off a Diet.   The only two commonalities are You, and The Diet.


SO …

Either the diet is not you, or the diet IS you, but you are not the You you intend to be, yet.

Either the diet is next to impossible for you to keep up with — in which case,  you can change it.

Or You are not yet up to the point of really wanting to stick with it long enough to get where you want to go.  You want to go there, you just don’t want it enough to sacrifice short term comfort to get long term gain.  Yet.  Maybe you will later.  Hope so.  Till you want it enough to stay with the process, you may as well not start the process.