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High-glycemic foods tied to diabetes risk

People who eat a lot of low-fiber and processed foods that quickly spike blood sugars may, not surprisingly, have a significantly higher risk of the most common form of diabetes, according to a new study.”By raising blood sugar and demanding that the pancreas keep pumping more insulin, meal after meal, day after day, a high-glycemic diet can put people at risk over the edge.

via High-glycemic foods tied to diabetes risk – TODAY Health.

In other top news of the hour, scientists find that daylight is highly correlated to the sun.

Seriously though, if you can make the bulk of your eating rather low on glycemic load, you’ll have much better results.



Do I need to eat 6 meals a day to lose weight?

There’s a lot of information and partial information floating around about how not eating every 2 hours causes your blood glucose level to drop, making you hungry, and then spike up when you eat.  Or that eating fewer than 6 or 8 times a day makes it somehow more difficult to gain muscle or lose fat.

What to do?

Timing of your intake is completely a function of what works well with your life situation, and what you’ve found to be most helpful to you.  For me, that’s a substantial breakfast followed by lunch, somewhat of a snack if I’m hungry, then dinner, then  maybe some other snack, if I’m hungry.  That works for me.   For lots of people, late snacking makes it hard to control the quantity and quality of the food, so they skip that. Other people find they can’t function effectively in the morning if they eat too much, or too little …  it’s a personal choice.

Why Getting Healthy is good for your pocketbook

Here’s the relevant statistics.    Each morbidly obese person has a direct medical care cost increase of $100,000 – $300,000 or more over their lifetime, even though their life is on average 10-15 years shorter.

The added cost of care is due to providing what amounts to band-aid treatment of  the cluster of obesity-related problems which is to modern life the equivalent of the plague — heart and vascular disease, type II diabetes, skeletal problems due to carrying around all that weight beyond your body’s designed weight.

We frequently hear folks saying they can’t afford to eat right, they can’t afford to exercise, when actually personally speaking my answer is that I can’t afford not to.  The added cost of care for morbid obesity, otherwise spent, would put children through college, fund your retirement plans, enable you to have a second, volunteer career after your first career ends … take your pick.  Any combination of those.

Diet soda doesnt raise diabetes risk, after all

Time to pick your spot on this one. Is diet soda great, ok, horrible, carcinogenic? One of the popular threads of conversation is that perhaps it leads to Type II diabetes, but it probably does not.

Definitely the sweeteners, in huge quantities, cause health problems.  But hopefully you’re not consuming mass quantities.

Another popular misconception is that all drinks with caffeine are diuretic.  That’s only true if you’re an infrequent consumer of caffeine, actually.

So… there’s not a best answer, but thus far today it looks like in rather limited quantities, they’re safe and effective as substitutes for people who would otherwise be chugging hundreds of calories of HFCS per day with their soda.