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Motivation Friday: Graciously enjoying the new you

There’s so much involved in a life transformation project — especially a fitness-increasing, weight-decreasing project, that really often we get so totally caught up in process issues and our daily compliance that we forget to enjoy the journey itself.

Look back today on how much you’ve grown as a person thus far in your journey.  As you become externally more like the person you want to see in the mirror, have you internally become the person you were meant to be?  Do you wake up in the morning, and go to bed at night, knowing you’re on the right path?

Here are some factors that positively influence how you feel about your life  transformation project:

1. You have the ability to feel good tomorrow about how you did today.  Today you’re choosing how you’ll feel about today, tomorrow.  Do today what you will feel good about tomorrow.   And do today what you can do again tomorrow.

2. When you wake up tomorrow knowing today was a GOOD day, tomorrow’s good thing will be slightly less of a struggle than today’s.

3. As an adult, you already know that no good deed goes unopposed, no good project is either fast or free of setbacks, and no worthy activity shows instant results.  Simply stated, the only people who make it through to the completion of a worthy goal are the ones who stick with it no matter what.  Staying with a project develops your perseverance, and perseverance feels good.

4.  Lest we beat the same issue over and over — if you feel down about your progress, and you’re not hurt or sick, and your progress really hasn’t been too awful — let go of the anxiety, take some extra Me time, get some extra sleep, recharge your batteries, and life will look better by morning.

5. Don’t allow self-criticism.  You’d never allow someone to berate your children, saying they’re no good, they’re never going to make it, they’re hopeless.  Because you know what that kind of repeated, hurtful talk does to people.  Well, the person who talks to you the most, is YOU.  All day long, you converse with yourself about yourself.  Don’t let that conversation take on a tone you would not use on someone you like.

6. You’re actually an interesting person, going through pretty amazing changes, and your story is, and will be, wonderful.  Instead of self-criticism about lack of success, have the same gentle grace with yourself you display to others.  Allow yourself endless opportunity to begin each day as the first day of the rest of your revitalization of your life.

7.  Have at least one true friend.  In the older, more complete definition of friend from when life was slower.  Confide in them.  Trust them.  Allow them to encourage you.  Allow yourself to be served by them in this way.    Allow them to see the real you, whom they already know and enjoy.


Grace and Compliance

Here’s a little dilemma. People typically follow a plan much more faithfully if the plan is not full of grace and forgiveness, but people like to live under a grace perspective more than they like to live under a law perspective, and it’s the only long-term approach we can ever hope to comply with.

As it applies to diet:

If you’ve repeatedly lost and regained weight, it may be that at least for the short term you approach your weight loss under a legal, have-to perspective.  Make a very short list of what you eat, and of what you do for exercise, and go do that every day.  It’s irritating, it’s very invasive of the rest of your life, and it works.  Stick with some existing program that is very well explained, unless you have a great deal of spare time to customize your own plan.

Then once you have that weight loss going really well, you can move back into a life of more personal freedom and grace.

Fitness Gadgetry

I have to confess, I am a geek.  I have a geeky job, and when I’m not there I have a statistical consulting practice and a web development consulting practice.  All of these involve stuff.

Yet my weight loss and success keeping it off is not all that high tech.  For part of my weight loss I tracked my weight on a hand drawn chart on the fridge, and kept my calorie count mentally with the aid of a really generic calorie list.  It was close enough.

For another part I used a BodyBugg, like on Biggest Loser.  It was nice.  And right now I’m wearing a FitBit as part of the preparation for an article I’m writing.  Both of these two devices attempt to measure output calories, both their message boards are full of raves and rants about how accurate and inaccurate they are.

Statistically there’s no difference between gadget wearers and nonwearers as to long term success.  There is, however, a direct relationship between tracking calories eaten somehow, and success.  Start tracking, you start losing weight.  Stop tracking, you start gaining weight.  It’s that simple.  What gets measured, gets done.  Calories count even when you’re not counting.  The act of tracking encourages compliance with your intake limit.

So if you’re not tracking, find some way to track at least your intake.  For extra goodness, =You can figure your calories burned manually, or measure with a device, or just take your sedentary BMR times 1.1,  1.2, 1.3, or 1.4 depending on whether you’re mostly sedentary, lightly active, quite active, or extremely active in your lifestyle.  They all work, about equally well (don’t tell the device people 🙂  They help you get moving toward your goals. God loves to bless people who are moving.