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Ditch the habit of having more and more coffee

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Nothing at all wrong for most people with a cup or two of coffee — but don’t guzzle it to clear your head and keep alert.  Instead, go for a short walk, especially if you can climb a flight of stairs or do something else that requires some strength.

You WILL feel better, for longer afterwards, than coffee, and it WON’T keep you up at night (which just makes you want to guzzle more coffee tomorrow).

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How many calories are in a drink from STARBUCKS? – I Love Coffee

How many calories are in a drink from STARBUCKS? – I Love Coffee.

Brilliant!  Lots of people would drop 5 bucks on a coffee drink …. but would they for the same number of calories drink 5 cans of cola?

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The search for healthy beverages


We’ve gotten the message on the antioxidant value of green tea — and, apparently, we even picked up the news that coffee and regular tea are now positive products as well.  And we’re willing to pay more.

Lot of people still don’t like protein drinks — we have a ways to go yet before they’re palatable.  And we get plenty of protein anyway.

Vitamin supplementation?  There’s not much vitamins in your vitamin waters, stick to the free kind of water and you’ll save yourself a dollar each time.

Tea and coffee lower BP |

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Presenting the data on 176 437 subjects aged 16 to 95 years of age who had a checkup at their center between 2001 and 2011, Pannier explained that the analysis was simply based on a questionnaire asking participants how much coffee or tea they drank per day. Individuals were classified into three groups: those who drank no coffee/tea, those who drank one to four cups, and those who drank more than four cups.

Overall, coffee is consumed more frequently than tea, although there were differences between the sexes, said Pannier. Men were more likely to drink coffee, while women were more commonly tea drinkers. Coffee consumption was also significantly associated with tobacco consumption, higher cholesterol levels, and higher scores on stress and depression indexes. Tea consumption, on the other hand, was associated with lower cholesterol levels but similarly high scores on the stress and depression measurements.

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Here it is … finally a study with a very large sample size that links higher amounts of tea and coffee consumption to lower blood pressure.

Whoops, though.  Turns out that big coffee/tea drinkers also tend to have higher cholesterol (let me guess, they’re heavier and aren’t as strict in their dietary discretion) and they tend to be stressed out and often are smokers to boot.

Choose your poison.

Will a frappuccino a day hurt my diet results?

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Thanks for the question from an in-person counselee — asked with a curious little laugh that let me know you were pretty sure the answer is Yes.

Yes, the answer is yes.

A grande frappe is 400+ calories …. subtract the whipped cream and it’s 370 but, hey, a frap, no-whip, tastes like a mixture of coffee, milk, sugar, and ice crystals, heavy on the ice crystals. Which is pretty much what it is.

You could go down to a tall frappe, sugar free, light, and get down near 100 calories.  But it won’t taste the same.  At all.  At all, at all.   And here’s the rub. If you go into your food plan substituting really sad imitations for every one of your favorite indulgences, it’ going to be a sad experience.

What to do?  Allow me to suggest that maybe you’d like black coffee if you drink it for awhile.  Myself, I like black coffee with a squirt of honey and some whole milk. It’s good!  Actually I like it better than a frappe which I always thought tasted like a coffee slushie anyway.

Try your very hardest to IMPROVE your taste experiences while you’re losing weight, an you’ll be much better off.  After a few weeks of training your taste buds for the natural amount of sweetness and flavors  in foods, foods you never noticed before will just literally explode with flavor in your mouth.  I promise,

Burger King Latte review

We had a bit of interest in this new product since it’s being heavily marketed and is a $1 special right now.  Except it’s misnamed.

A latte is espresso and steamed milk and the resulting foam.  That’s all.  You might have the good fortune of finding it made by a skilled barista who’s varying the process by how your actual makings are doing that particular day; or you may get a cup from somebody at a corporate conglomerate coffee shop who just pressed a button and the machine made a pretty reasonable actual latte.  You’ll get neither of those here.

A Burger King latte comes out of a tap on some kind of thermos.  It tastes vaguely like gas station “cappucino” — a powered beverage — with more creamy something in it.  Being that I had the non-fat, the creamy something is not actually cream, which is sort of scary on its own.  Burger King has not released ingredients on this, that I can find.  It’s creamy something.  Whatever it is, it’s not a latte.

We had the nonfat mocha, which tasted like creamy artificial hot chocolate.

Burger King just recently fell behind Wendy’s in sales volume.  Theyr’e trying pretty much everything, all at the same time, to get back out of third place.   Third place is second loser, and slipping.  Look, if you want to compete with McDonald’s on coffee,  you’ll have to recognize that McDonald’s serves actually pretty good coffee and better than pretty-good machine made espresso beverages.  Similarly made to Starbucks, who, yes, has lost their beautiful, independent, quirky, purple haired, nose-pierced, tattooed soul,  but their machine makes latte.  Compete with that.  Don’t bring this product to the game expecting it’s going to revitalize your breakfast and midday sales.

It’s drinkable, so we’ll give it a C.  It’s not what it’s called, so we’ll have to say, this is down at the bottom of scores we’ve given, right down there in the cellar along with veggie bacon, which is low.

Simulated $4 coffee beverages




Alas, we’ve been impacted by our own kitchen philosophy.  You know our personal list of what you have counter space for:  multi-purpose devices you use quite frenquently.  This pretty much eliminates our little espresso maker with the steamer wand that goes pssssssssssssssst.

That’s OK, it didn’t do a super great job anyway, the steamer especially, and if anything was slightly incorrectly done, there’d be a mess.

Much better option:  a $20 milk frother, milk and regular coffee.  There’s more than plenty of froth,  it fits in an under-counter drawer, and it frees up about a 6″x9″ piece of that priceless counter top real estate.   And it doubles as a very fast single small serving whipped cream creator, for the sugar free Italian sodas we’ll post the very easy recipe for later in the week.