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White Castle chicken waffle

VERY OCCASIONALLY we give you something to eat when you’re having one of those Intentionally Off Plan meals.

This is one of those.

Two sweet waffles imported from Belgium.

Fried chicken breast.

Chicken gravy.


It is indescribably good.  It’s 490 calories and available 24×7 so it would count as a DINNER item if it’s all you eat.  Actually not too bad there.

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Chick Fil-A To (Eventually) Stop Using Antibiotic-Filled Chicken – Consumerist

The FDA recently introduced voluntary guidelines that asked drug companies to stop selling antibiotics to farmers for non-medical uses.

Critics, including Consumerist, have pointed out that all this toothless guidance does is make farmers change the reason they buy the drugs; it has no effect on whether they are used or not.

Farm animal-related purchases account for half of the antibiotics purchased in the U.S. each year, but reps for the largest drug companies have stated that the FDA guidelines will have no significant impact on their bottom lines.

For its part, Chick-fil-A says it is asking its chicken suppliers to work with the USDA to verify that no antibiotics are administered at any point.

via Chick Fil-A To (Eventually) Stop Using Antibiotic-Filled Chicken – Consumerist.

More things to actually be concerned about — if you can, please do go for non antibiotic treated chicken.  You get way enough antibiotics already.  This isn’t a problem just for CFA; a *lot* of the chicken in the food supply is like this.

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How can I go to Panera and not go off my diet?

Panera Bread

Panera is easy but some restaurants take a good bit of effort.

Most important thing is to have a great time. It’s so amazing, that if you’re having a really good time, involved in a really interesting conversation, it’s MUCH easier to eat less. You become like one of those skinny people at Christmas gatherings who runs around talking to everyone and loses their plate! I would have *never* lost sight of my plate before. Heh.

Second — yes plan it out, use their nutrition calculator, eat like you eat. They’ll bend over backwards at Panera or almost any other place — even Waffle House! — if you explain what you’re doing and why they want to help you.

Use their menu of a list of the foods they have. Then just ask for whatever combination you want. The grilled chicken off one salad and the strawberries off another. They’re fine with that.

Popeye’s Dip’n Chick’n

Here’s a way to conveniently ingest half a day’s food supply, whereby the food doubles as the utensil you eat it with.

To quote Consumer Reports, who already skewered this product much more effectively than I can:

This is a really good idea because I’ve often found that traditional sauce delivery methods are much too slow. You have to open up the sauce cup and dip your nugget in, and then you only get a light slathering of sauce. Now each nugget becomes its own sauce trough, allowing me to ladle on the flavor down my gullet with speed and alacrity.

The only question is, how do you breed a chicken so that it comes out shaped like a scoop? ? Is each chicken placed in a special shaping jacket at birth?

In any event, they’re only for a “limited time” and run you $3.99, which will also get you blackened ranch dipping sauce, cajun fries, and a biscuit.

It’s quite the meal, and it’ll take care of about half the calories you need in a day.