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Bacon is the next lobster – You won’t be able to afford it |

Who’s to blame for the drastic increase in bacon prices? You are. You with your triple bacon cheeseburger. You with your bacon sundae.

via Bacon is the next lobster – You won’t be able to afford it |

Actually the things the writer totally missed are:

(1) The cost of producing meat continues to climb — the retail price continues to spiral upward — but the profit to the farmer continues to fall to make it not financially viable to produce meat — so the cost increases more.

(2) As long as we keep dumping so much of our production into corn for ethanol to add to gas, the cost of corn for livestock feed will continue to go up and up.

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Just in time for Father’s Day: British bacon

How to Make Proper British Rashers …

via A Guide to Bacon Styles, and How to Make Proper British Rashers | The Paupered Chef.

Don’t ask me why this is important, it just is.  Bacon is meat candy.  It also goes well with the whole Paleo thing if you stay away from chemically processed bacon and instead go more toward actual smoked bacon.

Of which there are many and various varieties.   Like the British kind, for example.

14 Ways To Cook Bacon

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14 Ways To Cook Bacon! Including My Favorite – In The Waffle MakerOne Good Thing by Jillee | One Good Thing by Jillee.

I’ll pass this along even though it lists cooking in saved bacon grease in a cast iron skillet — which was DA BOMB way of cooking bacon in my rural childhood and in which you’d pour the remaining grease and bacon leavings ON LETTUCE and serve it as a salad.  ’nuff said about the health concerns there.

Can you eat bacon on a diet?  Yes.   Cured meats should be an occasional thing for anybody; when you only occasionally have something, do yourself a huge favor and make the best version of it you can.

Turkey bacon?  Look, if you’re going to eat nitrates you may as well eat them on actual bacon and make it an occasional thing.  Your mileage may vary, if you really like it, use your own judgement.  Veggie bacon?  Sorry, can’t recommend any.

The Foreman Grill is an easy, mess-free way to get crispy bacon without the splatters.  I’d suggest it if you have an indoor grill and a good way to catch the draining bacon grease.  Otherwise I’l likely go with a cast iron skillet and bacon press to keep it straight and easy.