The Last Bit in the Container – The Simple Dollar

Crest MultiCare Whitening toothpaste

It happens over and over again in life. You’re using a tube of toothpaste and you’ve used enough so that it’s becoming difficult to squeeze out the remainder. You’re eating a bag of chips and all that’s left are a bunch of crumbs at the bottom. You turn over your shampoo bottle to get a little for your hair and find that it’s not coming out very fast at all.The container’s almost empty. Is it worth the effort to get the last little bit out of there?

via The Last Bit in the Container – The Simple Dollar.

Sort of off-topic for us but a fun example.  Is it worth the extra work you put into this mundane task?  Yes …. enough that you could pay yourself $36/hour for doing it and still break even.

The same goes for a LOT of little tasks along the way to any major life goal.  They seem insignificant alone.  Then you realize the benefit overall and it’s a great thing.

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