Salemville Blue Cheese

A lot of products use the word “Amish” in them and often their ties to the church and culture are tenuous at best.  I had seen Salemville Amish Blue Cheese in the grocery stores before but never thought much about it, assuming it was just another corporate complex someplace that had slapped “Amish’ on the label.  But as I was planning writing Amish Cooks Across America and the different stops we’d make, I discovered online chatter about a cheese factory in rural Wisconsin that really is connected strongly to the Amish.Nowhere have the Amish found their dairy niche more than around the community of Cambria where the Salemville Cheese factory makes deliciously crafted cheese. The Salemville Cheese Co-op is the only entirely Old Order Amish-run cheese factory in the United States.  The company is owned by Saputo, a large international conglomerate based in M0ntreal.  But you wouldn’t know it from the unassuming, low-slung building on non-descript country road outside of Cambria, Wisconsin.  The “suits” generally stay out of the operation and let the Amish make the cheese as they have for generations.The first hint that the Salemville plant was different was the employee parking lot, which didn’t have any cars, just horse-drawn buggies. Adding to the factory’s “plain” presence was the small on-site retail store, which sells a variety of cheeses and was staffed solely by Amish workers.

via Salemville Blue Cheese | Amish Recipes Oasis Newsfeatures.

If you get a chance to help these folks out by purchasing some of their REALLY DELICIOUS cheese — definitely consider it.   You’re getting a real product, you’re helping them, and you’re helping the Amish farmers they buy milk from.

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