Eating locally has multiplying results

Loaded Vegetable Stand here’s a great thought for today.

If you buy from a farmer in your area, the farmer takes that money and pays, for example, her fertilizer bill to the local ag store.  The ag store takes that money and pays their employees, who live in your area.  So by buying locally you support SEVERAL FAMILIES DOWN THE LINE.

Not to mention you reward people for not letting their farms go to subdivisions and mini-malls.  Not to mention you get great, fresh food.

You may have to go out of your away a little.  Because your local farmer, even in a farmers market setting, can’t be your supplier for everything, the way a supermarket tries to.  Rather, they can be your supplier for food.

You may have to pay a little bit more.  Ever take your car a great garage, instead of whomever is closest to you,  because you had to have something done particularly well?  Ever buy a car that wasn’t a Yugo because something besides price is important?  Sure.

Buy local whenever you can.

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