Did ‘Biggest Loser’ champ shed too much weight?

Did 'Biggest Loser' champ shed too much weight?

Did ‘Biggest Loser’ champ shed too much weight?

Please, make it stop.  The show awards a quarter million dollars to the person who loses the largest percentage of their weight.   Period.  There are no constraints on that.  Period.

Her ending weight of 105 pounds is at the bottom of the healthy weight BMI for someone 5′ 3″.  Which happens to be Jillian’s height and she’s taller than Jillian (thank you, Google.  I can’t validate that, you are free to compare and see how they look on TV).

Should there be constraints on that to insure that anyone who gets to thee bottom of their healthy body mass index automatically wins?     I’ support some way of declaring that someone must stop when they reach a particular preset weight, and automatically gets at least a share of the total winnings, but that would make it less of a down-to-the-wire game … and apparently she lost a lot of weight the last week of the contest.

For a cool quarter million, perhaps she work-work-worked and starve-starve-starved the last week.

She looks very thin in the extremities.  She looks like she needs a cheeseburger. And honestly her begining photo looks like she may have tanked up tremendously for her initial weigh-in.   But that’s the way the game is played out on the show.

My main issue with the show is that it leads people to think losing a couple pounds a week for a year is way too slow to lose 100 pounds or so.  Which is too bad, really. Because that’s where most of us are or have been.

Not going to draw conclusions or make specific comments here other than — this is what you get when you reward only on a basis of weight lost over a short period of time.

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