Is SodaStream Healthy?

This doesn’t make SodaStream pointless to own. “I have a SodaStream and love it,” says Roussell. “Having freshly carbonated water and adding a little fresh lemon juice is a great change of pace from regular water or tea.” He just doesn’t use it to make sugar-sweetened drinks with SodaStream’s various flavors. If you like making your own fizzy beverages, then aim to keep consumption to that one 8 to 12 ounce glass per day. 

via Is SodaStream Healthy? | Men’s Health.

OK.  No need to make your own sugar water, that’s good.  We’ll go so far as to point out that a two liter bottle of carbonated water  costs notably less than a dollar, so it would take a lot of bottles to make up the investment in the Soda Stream,  CO2 cartridges, extra SodaStream containers, etc.

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