The Skinny on Elliptical Machines

When you\’re looking for a break from your usual treadmill routine, you might want to try an elliptical machine. They have some nice features: Most of them have a lot of variables built in, as well as movable handles you can use to work your upper body. Elliptical machines are especially good for people with knee problems, who find the workout to be a great cardio alternative to running because it\’s much easier on the joints.

via The Skinny on Elliptical Machines.

We recommend them too.  It’s sometimes possible for someone who has a temporary or permanent running limitation to get a pretty good simulated run in on an an elliptical without injuring themselves further.

As she goes on to say later in the same article — it’s easy to be too easy on yourself on an elliptical, so make sure you’re being challenged (but not injured!).


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