What heat sources can Lodge products utilize?

English: A cast-iron pan.

Chritmast-morning tradition meets modern reality in an email we received this week — can I use my cast iron skillets to make our traditional Christmas morning meal, on my new glass top range?


Lodge says so.

Do not to drop cookware on the stovetop or slide across the surface. Begin heating cookware on low and slowly bring heat up to medium or medium/high. Always remove cookware from the stovetop after cooking.

via What heat sources can Lodge products utilize?.

And your range’s instructions say no.

Prolly your range company is worried you will drag it around and scratch the surface.  Listen, you’ll scratch the surface anyway, look at it closely in 5 years and you’ll see what I mean.

Perhaps they’re afraid you will drop the heavy skillet and break it.

Kinda doubt the skillet would generate intense enough heat to damage the thing —

Even the Lodge article above says to  consult your manufacturer.    I can tell you we use cast iron for the taste, the easy non-care non-stick and the iron supplement it gives the food.  We heat it gradually and turn the heat off before the food is done, as the cast iron will keep on being hot for a considerable amount of time.

Check with your manufacturer …

And Merry Christmas.


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