22 day vegan diet?

English: Tofu scramble (vegan)

Beyonce, she formerly of the juice diet and the all protein-and-fat diet, is now on the 22 day vegan diet that’s gaining ground in those circles.  She of the wearing of fur and leather to a vegan restaurant, supposedly.  I’m sure there’s another side to every story and we’re not going to debate all that here.  Only reason I knew all that was that I just read it in a story that was painful to finish but seemed highly ranked in eyeball count this morning, so I thought we’d take that up here.  She seems like a decent person and I have no reason or desire to analyze her motives or reasoning.  We all have our own stuff.

Is a 22 day vegan diet a good thing?  A vegan diet can be a very good thing, and it can be a not-so-good thing — you may or may not lose weight, because it’s in how many calories you eat and not whether you eat particular categories of food.

But a 22 day diet of any type is best seen as just another temporary measure.  You’re not planning on doing it long enough to matter over the course of your entire lifespan.  So we’d say it would be fine to try a plan for a certain number of days as a brief introduction, just dating before the betrothal as it were.  Or as a time of special commitment to purity in some regard.

But by itself — nothing magical about eating only plants for 22 days, but nothing really harmful either.


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