Leucine May Be Key to High-Protein Weight Loss Diet

Though all the women lost about 16 pounds each, those in the higher-protein group lost more body fat and retained more lean muscle than those the high-carb group. “However, when we did a follow-up four months later, we found the higher-protein group continued to lose weight while the high-carb group had plateaued and lost no additional weight,” says Layman.

via Leucine May Be Key to High-Protein Weight Loss Diet.

Q: Should I supplement with L-Leucine to help me lose weight?

A:  Yes.  Read on.

Leucine is found (a) alone, as a supplement, (b) with the other branch chain amino acids, as a supplement, and (c) in meat, fish, and dairy foods.

By itself, it has little effect and may actually hinder weight los, slightly, temporarily.  That’s because God made you to eat food, not chemically reduced components of food.

But as part of a diet program where you’re limiting overall calories to less than you need to stay big, combined with making sure that a significant percentage of those calories comes from protein, you’re going to be fine on the leucine and total BCAA intake.  And the protein intake will help you not cannibalize your muscle tissue as much as if you were eating a higher carbohydrate low calorie diet.

Add a third component — daily exercise in the amount and types you can do every day without causing issues — and you immediately put yourself in the situation of being statistically in the most likely success group for permanent weight loss.


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