Scrambled eggs

Scrambled Eggs

We’ve blogged this before but it bears repeating, as we seem to be getting an early start on the nutrition questions this year.

Eggs got a bad rap from the dietary cholesterol people, but since then we’ve found that dietary cholesterol doesn’t relate in a direct way to blood cholesterol.  Unless you are medically restricted from eating eggs, there’s no particular reason to avoid them.

Protein packed, very filling,  low in calories, and you don’t have to grease or butter them to get them to taste really good.

To make really good scrambled eggs:

  • Use a cheap coated skillet just large enough to hold the number of eggs you need.  Buy a new, cheap skillet when your skillet starts to stick.  You can forego this by using cast iron if you’re into the maintenance procedure.
  • Eggs that weren’t really recently laid are easier to scramble well
  • Add a little dribble of water, it helps the fluffiness
  • Mix the eggs up thoroughly but don’t whip them
  • Use medium heat — don’t rush
  • Take them off the heat before they are done.  They’ll continue cooking from the residual heat on the pan.  This method keeps them from getting overdone.

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