How your company is watching your waistline | Reuters

Employers are getting much more aggressive about punishing workers who are overweight or have high cholesterol. A study released on Wednesday by the Obesity Action Coalition, an advocacy group, covered workers at more than 5,000 companies who must participate in their employer wellness programs to receive full health benefits. Sixty-seven percent also had to meet a weight-related health goal such as a certain body mass index.

Almost 60 percent of these workers received no coverage that paid for fitness training, dietitian counseling, obesity drugs or bariatric surgery to help achieve a body mass index under 25, which is considered healthy.

via How your company is watching your waistline | Reuters.

Look, obese people cost a lot more over their lifetimes.  We knew this was coming when smokers started having to pay more because they cost more.  Now it’s turning toward costing you to remain large.  Looks like it will cost a LOT.

Long time readers of this blog will remember our predictions this was coming.

It’s here.

You’ll have to get into a weight control program and show good progress or … pay.


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