Fastest possible calorie counting

Q:  I don’t want to mess around logging individual foods into something… how can I quickly get my calories right for the entire day all at once?

Good question!!

Here’s one way.  Go to a recipe nutrition calculator, like this one:

Fill in what you plan to eat for the ENTIRE DAY.  Get the calorie count.  Adjust foods and quantities till you get what you want.

Like this:


So the absolute simplest way to proceed is, for example:

Your BMR:  1900, adjusted +20% for normal background activities of daily living, giving a target of 2260 calories.  To lose 2 pounds per week, generate 1000 calories per day in caloric deficit:  500 from intake restriction and 500 from 90 minutes of intentional exercise.

So to get about 1700 calories, take the ideas above and you’ll note you’re too high for the day.   And you have chicken for two meals, sort of repetitive, huh.  So we adjust:


1/3 cup egg beaters
One Egg
1/2 cup cooked oatmeal
1 tbsp half and half

1 scoop whey protein

4 oz chicken breast
1 slices whole wheat bread
4  Tossed Salad without Dressing  (oz)

Post-workout midmeal
2 scoop whey protein

4 oz tilapia
2 cups broccoli florets
1/2 cup cooked brown rice

Late, anti-munchies Snack meal
3 cups Popcorn, Air-popped, White Popcorn

In other words, we cut back on the brown rice and oatmeal to lower the calorie count in a protein-sparing way, and it gave a pretty nice carb count as a side benefit.

1607 calories, including real half-and-half for breakfast — gives us 100 calories short, which gives us room for some intelligent add in conveniences — a little olive oil, a little real butter, things like that.

Then — and here’s the ULTIMATE simplestsolution:

Save this mentally as your base recipe and swap out similar, low calorie components.  Similar quantities, similar ideas, different execution whenever you feel like it.  Flank steak instead of tilapia.  Steamed green beans instead of broccoli.  You get the idea …. and it’s EASY.


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