I keep eating little bits of this and that I keep in the house for the kids– is that OK?

English: Cheese snack Svenska: Ostbågar

Hey this is about the most honest and personally transparent question we’ve received. Thank you! A lot of us are right here, or have been.

Let’s say over the course of the day you only snack a bite here and there, only 100 calories’ worth. Every year you’ll gain 10 pounds just from that.

Then there’s the concept of “I Deserve This Extra Food” which you need to think about and see where that comes from. It’s a killer. You wouldn’t apply that in other deal-breaking situations — I deserve these drugs, I deserve this money from the break room at work.

Then there’s the “I Keep This Junk Food in the House for the Kids, and maybe just a bite for me” thing. Anything you put in your grocery cart on that basis, you are giving yourself a back door permission to have some of. That’s a deal-breaker.

Realize many of us have this same exact struggle in the intake area. Let’s quit doing this. It’s a waste of our time, money, and enthusiasm.

If you’re hungry, have something that’s part of your planned eating for the day . Don’t eat in an unplanned, freewheeling way.   Or just wait, more food is coming soon.


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