How to lose that last little bit of weight

It’s weird, the last 10 pounds make take as long as the first 25.  Not really so weird because you’re down near your weight goal and your basal metabolic rate has fallen to the point where the amount of intake that was getting you the weight loss is balancing out with your output and you’re in some jeopardy of a plateau.

Here’s some concrete steps to beat that final plateau.  They work for ordinary plateaus too.

1. Follow your plan EXACTLY.  Not creatively, not flexing in and out, not mostly, but exactly.

2. Exercise, exercise and exercise some more.  Do today what you can do today, and tomorrow come back and do it again plus just a little bit more.  Don’t get so sore you can’t go again tomorrow, but expect some soreness.

3.  Keep your attitude and thus your focus turned up on High.


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