Why do I look thinner to everyone but myself?

Weight Loss Progress

Good question!  You’re losing weight, and people are really noticing, and complimenting you on your leaner appearance.  But when you look at yourself, especially with little on in the way of clothing, you still look like that old tired fat person you used to look at in the mirror.  How can this be?

You’ve got a self-image stored away of how you tend to look.  But  how you tended to look is not how you’re trending to be! You really are looking better.  It’s just that you still remember the old you, and it’s part of who you are.  Except that it does not have to be part of who you are, going forward.

Take time to actually look at how much you’ve shrunk down from your highest weight.  Get into some pants that are now way too big, look at that mumu of an exercise getup you used to have to wear, look at the belt and maybe even the shoes and rings you used to wear and you’ll see that you ARE changing, before your very eyes.

So be gracious to those who compliment you and also be generous to yourself, seeing the change that’s taking place.  Notice and appreciate the change as it happens, and pretty soon you’ll be able to convince yourself that, wow, you really ARE that much smaller.


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