Cure for the Mondays

Yuck.   Blech.  Monday again?  How would you like to learn how to eliminate that feeling of being down on Monday?

The way you feel Monday is a direct result of what you did Saturday and Sunday, and also an indicator of how much or little you like your weekday routine and your job.

So do first make sure that you don’t just dread Monday because your job stinks.  If so — get out of there or transform that job into something you can look forward to with expectancy.

If it’s not the job, make sure you are not too busy or too do-nothing all weekend.  Both are equally harmful.  Ideally you want to walk up on weekends about the same time as during the week, and then you want to do a mix of work and fun on Saturday, and totally spend Sunday unplugged from your regular routine.

Rest, relax, rekindle friendships, and you’ll wake up ready to go after it again next week.


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