Nutrisystem hands-on review: the overall process and results

Generally speaking you’re eating at a moderate caloric deficit here, so you’re losing 1-2 pounds a week, quite reliably.  Slow but sure.

Overall, I hit that benchmark every week.

You’re eating all through the day, and eating low GI, so you’re not particularly ravenously hungry after that first couple days when you’re getting used to the idea of an imposed limit on quantity.

The foods are reasonably tasty and satisfying; the online discussion boards serve mostly as a place for dissatisfied people to vent about when the one food item they dearly love is rotated off of the available list because they are likely among the few that  actually like that one thing.

The food varies from being better than an MRE to being better than a Lean Cuisine.  If you’re on this program, you need to keep in mind that you did not join for the taste of the food but for the quality of the results.

The lack of coordinated exercise is somewhat made up by the presence on the site of an exercise support group and collection of exercise resources pulled from other online sources.

And as we’ve said, the results are good.

The COST.  Here’s some good news.  Your health insurance probably gives you a 12% discount on the program.  You get another discount for signing up for automated delivery for a 2 month minimum.  You get another big discount by buying $100 gift cards for $78 through Costco’s web site (small surcharge for non Costco members).   This discount was 50% just this past month on sale.  You get a discount for whatever month number you are in.   You get a discount for clicking a link daily for 50 days.  You get a discount for recommending other people.    Overall for my wife and myself, for unlimited frozen for one person, shelf stable for the other (we combined food) it was on the order of $300/month.  And our dining out budget went almost to zero, and our grocery store spend dropped sharply.  It’s hard to see it costing any more than eating normally.

Medically … our doctor recommended it whole heartedly.  You’re getting plenty of veggies and the program hits all the government recommendations admirably well.

Overall?  We’re going to give it an A minus.  It would be an A+ if there was a little more formal encouragement of exercise beyond just incidental walking.  VERY GOOD program.  Not for everyone, works for us.  You could assemble your own hacked food plan that was similar, but I believe you’d pay more, since you’d spend a good amount of time looking for, for example, snack food that is protein and fiber supplemented to give you more fullness.

Give it a try if it sounds like it would help.   If you want an extra $30 off the first order, email us at the address on the top right.  Disclaimer, I get $30 off if you take the $30 off.  That has nothing to do with the good review I’m giving the product here.


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