Nutrisystem hands-on review: The food

This week  we’ll be rolling out the results of our Nutrisystem evaluation, a piece at a time for several days.

I was not solicited, rewarded, paid or compensated by Nutrisystem in any manner for these opinions.

First, the food.  You can either go shelf stable, or shelf stable plus frozen, with various degrees of how much choice you want as far as how much frozen. The frozen comes in a styrofoam box with dry ice and is frozen as hard as a concrete block so it won’t melt.

The shelf stable is good eating.  The frozen is even better.  You will miss some things along the path to getting a low calorie version of a food, but you will have plenty to eat — 150 different foods.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack, two snacks for men.

You need to add the specified carb items and protein items each day, and four servings of vegetables, all from pretty broad approved-food lists.

Altogether you’re at about 1200 calories a day for women, 1400 for men, but you don’t have to count calories if you eat what’s on the approved list.


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