More on not being able to afford to eat appropriately

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Interesting thing about our post a couple days back.  People really do want me to know that eating better costs more than eating poorly.  Yup, the calories per dollar spent is highest from junk food.  You can live on junk food.  We get that.

Fresh, wholesome food may cost up to ten times as much, especially if you go organic,

But it does not HAVE to.  And by this, realize I do understand that you’re not going to eat bulk dried beans and rice every day.

Here’s how to save a ton of money, to the point where we honestly believe you can eat better than you are now, for less.

1. Sales over coupons.  There are very few food coupons for wholesome food.  But wholesome food is often put on sale as  loss leader, something to get you in the door.  Meat, light cheese, and other proteins especially.

2. Economy buying of fresh produce.  Hit the farm stand or farmers market.    Look for food you may have to wash, peel, prepare instead of pre-made, as long as you have time.  Only buy fresh if fresh is in season and plentiful.

3. Buy your vegetables and fruits in whatever format is most economical when you actually reach the grocery store.  Frozen or canned may be a good deal.

4. Be willing to plan your menu around what is available at a great price.

5. No junk.    No carry out, eating out, or delivered prepared food if you’re having difficulty paying for good food.  If you’re trying to lose weight, eating out is a land mine anyway.

6. Really carefully evaluate whether shopping at multiple grocers for different foods on sale is saving you money, when you consider fuel.  It may be less expensive to choose one grocer for most of your needs, instead of buying your chicken one place and your milk across town.

7.  Don’t be embarrassed about being tight on cash.  Some of the people elbowing their way through the last-chance area of your grocery, may actually be pretty well set financially but very firm in their respect for spending wisely.




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