Help, I can’t afford to eat the food on my food plan!

Will eat for food

… from someone who’s trying to eat vegetables, fruits, and quality proteins and carbs.

Good question, really.  Here’s what we do.

We find our family spending about 50% less on food than when I was fat, because we’re not eating out, and we’re not buying treat food. For the daily SC’s and PF’s, you can watch for sales, buy and freeze ahead, whatever makes sense for your family. And your family can eat the same SC and PF’s you do. Maybe not prepared the same way. NS recommends, in fact, that you coordinate your meals to those of your family so you don’t feel left out.

And for the vegetables, NS just recommends the same amount of vegetables the government already recommends daily, so theoretically it’s not any extra expense.

And it’s a great time to healthy up the menus for the rest of your family. Enlist them to be your personal support team, and explain that you don’t want to watch them eat twinkies while you eat green beans. They may be really into helping you and even participating in the healthy diet trend with you. Or they may be a little bit miserable, but THEY WILL LIVE. My kids know they can eat what we eat or they can have a peanut butter sandwich, and there is is.

But let’s say you find you actually still are spending more on food. The alternative to spending more on the right amounts of the right kinds of food now, is spending much more on medical care later. Shockingly more.

And add in the value of your living longer, and it’s one of the best investments you can make.


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