Food Prescriptions

I’m sure you’re no stranger to the saying an apple a day keeps the Doctor away, but now it seems Doctors are bringing back this old school advice…in the form of prescriptions! In an effort to put the brakes on the growing obesity epidemic, two New York City hospitals are now handing out fruit and vegetable prescriptions to overweight patients. The  prescriptions essentially work like coupons.  Patients can use  “health bucks” at a number of farmers markets throughout the city and trade them in for fruits and vegetables. This is part of  a four-month pilot program, created by a Connecticut-based nonprofit organization called Wholesome Wave, a group designed to help underprivileged overweight and obese kids at risk of developing diet-related diseases. The two hospitals testing out the program are Lincoln Medical Center in the Bronx and Harlem Hospital in Manhattan. We think this is a great idea, and hopefully the pilot program gains the success and support it needs.

via Supermarket Guru – Take two of these and call me in the morning….

From the Lempert Report, which is an EXCELLENT newsvideo / newsletter combination on all things grocery, food, and health related,


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