My diet doesn’t give me enough food…


… says a question addressed to us lately by a nice lady on her 3rd day of a physician imposed diet … which does not have a whole lot of food … so the nice lady supplemented her diet with a medium buttered popcorn at the movies.  It doesn’t weigh hardly anything, etc.  How could it be any big deal?

Sorry.  Your current idea of what is enough food, is wrong. Look what it did to you along the course of your life up until now. I am not trying to shame you or act superior in any way, because my idea of enough food, was obviously very, very wrong. I was the worst ever in this regard.

Don’t be afraid to be hungry. Hunger is not an emergency and does not need to be treated. You can spread out your NS food into that hungry time, or you can just wait a bit, more food is coming soon.

Movie theater medium popcorn with extra butter = a reasonable caloric of intake for an entire day.

Regarding your ‘having’ to have popcorn to watch a movie.  Just because you went to the movies doesn’t mean you are like Pavlov’s dog and have to have a conditioned response of having popcorn.  And if you knew you’d want it you could have brought a snack size along.

Regarding your ‘I have to have more to eat or I’ll die’ feeling.  Actually if you keep having so much to eat you’re likely going to get to die early.  Your meal plan has plenty of food for the day, and by the way you’re carrying around enough food for nearly a year in your fat stores, so really you’re not going to die from eating less.

I say this in truth because I have experienced that same Going to Die of Hunger feeling.  What it is, is that this is the first time in a long time you’ve allowed yourself to actually get hungry, and it’s scary.  Don’t worry about it, it will get easier over time.  Eat your food plan.



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